12 Creative Options For Your Jeep Shift Knob (With Links), Ranked By Price

When you brainstorm mods for your Jeep, don’t neglect one of the most often used parts of your vehicle: the shift knob. Replacing your Jeep shift knob is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add personality and style to the interior of your Jeep. A shift knob is also one of the most functional aftermarket Jeep products. If you’ve outgrown your current knob, JEDCo shares 12 creative options in a price-ranked list.

Reasons to change your stock shift knob



Let’s be honest: Jeep factory shift knobs are pretty dang boring. Upgrading your shifter knob will help make the interior of your Jeep as unique as you are. The good news is you’ve got tons of cool options, from sleek and stylish to playful and quirky. You can find the shift knob that’s right for you.


If you give your Jeep the love it deserves, you drive it a lot, which means your shifter knob can get worn out. This is true if you just drive an auto but especially true if you own a manual and have done enough white-knuckle rides on the trail. A good aftermarket shift knob will be made of durable materials—like billet aluminum—that could last the entire lifetime of your Jeep.

Grip Preference

Get a grip: If you’re driving a manual transmission in the middle of a steep climb or running downhill, you don’t want to miss a gear. You need a firm grip to maintain control of your Jeep. Upgrading your shifter knob can provide a better tactile feel and an enhanced grip when you’re shifting gears. A weighted shift knob can give you faster shifts too for a better driving experience.

Before you upgrade, make sure you know your Jeep’s shifter knob thread size. JK and JL Wranglers shift knobs just pop off with no thread, so you’ll need to get an adapter for most aftermarket knobs. Here is a handy chart by American Shifter (and while you’re there, make sure you check out their impressive product page). You can also get adapters from Speed Dawg or Twisted Shifterz, who both make some of the most excellent quality accessories in the United States. The YJ thread size is 3/8-16 while the TJ, the Unlimited, and the Grand Cherokee are 10mm by 1.50. Knob removal should be easy but for installation, you may need a lock nut.

1. Dragon Ball Z Star Shift Knob $12

This seven-star acrylic shift knob from Top10 Racing will have Dragon Ball Z fans excited. According to the show, if you collect seven, you summon an all-knowing dragon. While we make no guarantees about the dragon, with at least one, your Jeep will certainly look a lot cooler.

2. Mr. Gasket Gear Shift Knob $23

For the Jeeper who is also a metalhead, this skull aluminum shift knob with red-plastic eyes comes complete with adapters, screws, and a hex key.

3. RockNob Timpanogos Gearshift Knob $36

Given that RockNob makes shift knobs from natural river rocks found in mountains and deserts, this shift knob would look especially great (and appropriate) as you off-road in a Jeep Wrangler Sahara.

4. Crystal Bubble Pink Shift Knob $38

Enjoy a little bubbly with this diamond top bubble-style shift knob, made of laser-cut acrylic plastic.

5. DV8 Off-Road Shift Knob $40

DV8 Off Road’s shift knobs are made from black billet aluminum and have a classic tire tread design for a better tactile feel and a cozy grip. This one is especially fitted for the Jeep Wrangler YJ.

6. Kei Project Samurai Sword Shift Knob $43

Go into battle with this samurai sword hilt shift lever. Made of durable steel with polyester fabric weave and nickel-plated accents, this samurai shift knob will bring great honor to your Jeep clan.

7. Vonwolf Wolf Custom Shift Knob $48


Be at the head of the pack and howl down the trail with this quirky custom war wolf shift knob from Johnny Law Motors. Plus, all of their products are manufactured in the United States.

7. DV8 Off-Road Pistol Grip Shift Knob $60

DV8 Off Road’s Pistol Grip Shift Knob is a stylish addition to your auto JK Wrangler. With each part form fit, it’s made of billet aluminum with a finger-formed pistol grip that is both durable and comfortable.

9. Jeep Rally Stripe Shift Knob $80

At your next off-road rally, upgrade to this Mopar-licensed Jeep Rally Stripe Shift Knob from Speed Dawg. With high-impact polymer resin and non-threaded options, it’s available in multiple colors and shifting patterns with set screws included. Yes, it’s possible to get the 6-speed shift knob.

10. Personalized Shift Knob $38-$80

You can upgrade your Jeep shift knob with any awesome shifter on this list but maybe the best knob is the one you design yourself. For between $38-$80, American Shifter offers personalized shift knobs with your own artwork or text. It will help make the interior of your Jeep as unique as you are.

11. El Toro Copper Bull Shift Knob $100

It’s not bull…this El Toro Bull Shift Knob from Twisted Shifterz is pretty rad. This artist-rendered knob comes in copper, red, gray, and white to best match your Jeep Wrangler interior/body color. You can even opt for the bulls with red eyes for some angry off-roading.

12. Momo Heritage Trofeo Tall Wood Shift Knob $200

Our last shift knob features a classic wood style, layered with mahogany and beechwood and topped with cigar leather and the Momo logo. It probably even smells good. Priced at $199, it should also feel quite comfortable in your hand.

Runners Up

1. Knuckle Buster Shift Knob $33

Fight it out with this Knuckle Buster Shift Knob from Sickspeed.

2. Hurst Shifter $46

This brushed aluminum T-Handle from Hurst Shifters is made of die-cast aluminum and provides that classic performance feel.

3. Blood Shot Eyeball Custom Shift Knob $60


Keep your eye on the road no matter how much it hurts with this Blood Shot Eyeball Shift Knob from American Shifter.