Jeep® Go Topless Weekend

Every year on the 3rd Saturday of May, Jeep® Owners celebrate the start of Spring by taking off their Jeep® tops. "Going Topless" represents, for many states, the start of warmer weather, camping season, and freedom! We Jeepers love any reason to get together, get outside and celebrate, so let's find a #jeepgotoplessday event near you!

Extreme Terrain has organized an official Go Topless Day®; and if you register your event and raise $500 for your local 501(c)(3), they will match your donation! This is the 16th year and you can check here for a list of all registered events. There are over 300 registered Jeep® Go Topless Day events - so hopefully you can find one near you. But if not, grab some friends, get that Jeep® Top off, blast some tunes and let that fresh air make a mess of your hair ;) Or just throw on a one of our Jeep Lifeguard Hats

There's no better way to enjoy the weekend than with our Jeep® Community. Stay safe, and make sure you tag @jedcogear so we can be a part of your Jeep® Go Topless Day celebrations!