Jeep Camping Accessories: 10 Important Items You Are Going To Need


Here are the must-have Jeep camping accessories for the ultimate Jeep camping experience.

There is nothing as thrilling as a weekend getaway in the outdoors with family, friends, or colleagues. Although the camping trip may take a few days, sometimes reconnecting with nature is the only thing you need to recharge and get back into the daily grind. But to make your outdoor adventure truly unforgettable, it helps to have an authentic off-roading vehicle like a Jeep.

With your Jeep, you can rip down rugged trails and get to those impossible-to-reach campsites. Are you ready? Yes, you are. First, you’ll need to come prepared. That’s where Jeep camping accessories come in handy. They offer a way to have all the essentials integrated into your Jeep so that you’re ready to go in no time.

Here’s some of the Jeep camping gear you’ll need to make your next camping trip a blast:

Portable Light and Speaker

Portable lighting is a must for staying safe in the wild. Good lighting sets the mood around the camp, so choose lights with customizable color temperature. For a low-cost solution, you can connect regular string lights to your Jeep battery for a minimalist bohemian ambiance. If you've got a bit more cash to spare, then consider solar string lights and solar lanterns as more sustainable options.

You’ll want some tunes to match the breathtaking views. Sure, it can be therapeutic to just listen to the tranquil sounds of nature. But when it’s time to let loose, you don’t want to be caught without a speaker. Choose rugged Bluetooth speakers with waterproofing and solar charging if possible and get the party started. 

Cooking Stove and Portable Fridge

Cooking stove prices range as widely as their features. For a minimalist experience, try a single-burner backpacking stove that you hook up to the fuel canister directly. If you’ve got a larger family, you might bring two of these babies so you can cook faster and keep the campers happy. But if you have more cash to spare, you might splurge for a two-burner folding gas stove and cook two birds with one stove. And then, if you want to be a true rustic chef, consider the Komodo Camp Kitchen

You don’t want to throw out your leftovers, especially in bear country. A portable fridge with a built-in freezer is a companion worth bringing along. You can store any fish you catch, keep food cold, and prevent any leftovers from spoiling. Having a good fridge in tow is a real upgrade out in the wild. You won’t have to tangle with bags of ice! And they fit well in any Jeep storage compartment due to their compact, rectangular shape. Plus, after a long day of off-roading, you’ll need a cold one.

Rooftop Tent


If you are an adventure enthusiast or dedicated overlander, you’ve probably heard of rooftop tents. Combine these tents with Jeep camping accessories like a retractable awning, and you’ll have yourself a glamping trip on wheels. Rooftop tents offer a portable and convenient way to experience the great outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. They are durable, water-resistant, have adequate space, and are quick to set up and disassemble.

Rooftop tents are flexible. Unlike a regular tent, you don’t need to connect poles and peg them in the ground. All you have to do is deploy the tent and you're good to go. Their built-in mattresses are also much cozier than blow-up mattresses. You'll sleep soundly knowing that you're far above the critters and predators down below.

First Aid Kit

You think you can handle yourself on the trail, but anything can happen during a camping trip. There are many ways you or your family could suffer minor cuts, bruises, stings, aches, and pains. These risks are why prepping a proper first aid kit should be one of the top things on your list. When help might be miles or hours away, you need to be prepared. Here’s a handy checklist for things to pack:

  • Essential medicine (anti-diarrhea, antihistamine, pain, anti-inflammatory, and fever-reducing medicine, etc.)
  • Fabric and synthetic bandages
  • Antibiotic wipes or spray
  • Gauze
  • Medical tape
  • Tweezers
  • Burn cream
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Latex or nitrile gloves
  • Eye drops

Water and Fuel Storage


Water is life. It’s a must for hydration and it’s indispensable for cooking and sanitation. How much water you need to bring depends on where you want to camp. The more remote you are, the more water you’ll likely need. Consider having separate water containers for treated water and water for washing clothes or dishes.

You’ll also want to pack more fuel than you think you need. Always ensure camp fuel is stored in a dark, cool place, away from kids and animals. Look for a jerry can with no cracks, dents, or other defects.

Foldable Chair

If you want to be comfortable when sitting around the fire, you’ll need a foldable chair. We recommend bringing one chair per person. The right one to buy depends on your Jeep setup and what you intend to do at the campsite. Your most basic foldable chair crams into a compact bundle that you can stack neatly in the back of your Jeep. They also usually come with carrying bags. Choose nylon director’s chairs if you want to lie back. Or you might opt for a foldable stool for a more compact option that also doubles as a workbench for food prep. Foldable chairs allow you to take in the view in relative comfort compared to sitting on a soggy stump, exposing your behind to ants and bugs. 

Roll Top Table

The best camping sites rarely have tables. Choose roll-top tables for their portability, stability, and ease of use. Much like a portable roof, these have extending frames where horizontal poles attach to provide rigidity. Roll out the tabletop and you’re set. These pack up in portable bundles that are ideal for stacking inside your Jeep.

Roll-top tables are generally stable enough to support the weight of a tabletop grill. Bring at least two so you have enough space for cooking, meal prep, and dining. These tables are made of aluminum so they’re light and clean up fast.

Storage Box

Storage space comes at a premium when camping with a Jeep. Opt for cargo boxes or cargo carriers with compact designs that allow for a lot of storage space. We recommend a box with built-in wheels so you can easily move it even when fully loaded. Cargo totes are also good options because they can be carried and hung as portable cargo storage.

You should dedicate storage boxes for particular types of cargo. Store all essential tools in one storage container and dedicate others for food, clothing, and other essential items. Choose storage boxes that you can label and organize easily at the campsite. Then, when you’re packing up, just load the cargo boxes with your belongings and stack them back into your Jeep. They make your life simpler so you can dedicate your camping trip to other things…like fun.

Light Weight Generator

Although it may sound counterintuitive to bring a generator when you’re trying to unplug in nature, these bad boys can be lifesavers. From powering lights and equipment to charging devices and emergency tools, a lightweight generator should be an essential addition to your checklist

Generator sizes vary, but the smallest camping generators can provide at least 600W of electrical output. This should be enough for the needs of a small family. Camping generators are usually no larger than a medium-sized toolbox, making them the optimum size for packing into your Jeep. You might need to bring an extra gas can for a generator refuel, but it’s a comfort to know you’ll never be caught without power.

Sleeping Bags

Quality sleeping bags are a must if you want a solid night’s sleep. And they should fit snugly into your Jeep’s cargo compartment. Since you’re camping with your Jeep and not just backpacking, you can splurge a little bit and get bulkier, more comfortable ones. Depending on the camping weather and climate, you’ll want to buy sleeping bags with appropriate insulation for optimum outdoor comfort.

For couples, the double-bag design fits well when laid out in a rooftop tent. Down insulated bags are fluffier than synthetics, so they add an additional element of comfort. But if you have a tight budget, synthetics are fine, especially when augmented with wool blankets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to camp in a Jeep?

You can go crazy with accessories but at the very least, you’ll need a sleeping bag. Given the unique capabilities of your Jeep, you might as well score a rooftop tent for some above-ground snoozing. To be safe, invest in a first-aid kit so you can handle any injuries or mishaps that might happen on the trail. And then you’ll need a way to secure food. You could forage and hunt Alone-style or just bring a fully-stocked cooler. What to bring depends on how comfortable you want to be. 

What pet-related Wrangler accessories can you recommend for pet owners?

We want to bring our furry friends along, but if we don’t have the right accessories, it can make for a long trip. For the ride to the campsite, consider a dog barrier to keep your pet safely in the backseat. And if you want to keep Fido truly safe (and less hyperactive), you might secure them in a dog seatbelt. This can be handy for bumpy rides on your way to that perfect remote spot. For cats, bring their favorite cat bed so they can snuggle up with you in the tent at night.

Can I sleep in my Jeep?

Yes. If you can’t install a rooftop tent, you can sleep comfortably in the back, especially in a Jeep Wrangler. Combine Jeep sleeping pads with a loft riser for a spacious sleeping setup.

Summing Up

Regardless of where you want to go camping, Jeeps are a ton of fun for people who love to explore nature and embark on outdoor adventures. With this iconic off-road capable vehicle, you’ll scale the steepest slopes and set up at the best camping locations with all your camping necessities neatly in tow. The best part is that you can truly customize your Jeep with camping gear compatible with your model. You can keep it bare-bones with a sleeping bag, cooler, and ground tent or splurge for a rooftop tent, generator, or portable fridge. No matter what gear you bring, just have fun and enjoy the Jeep lifestyle.

So load up your outdoor gear, start up your Jeep, and ride off for a weekend in the beautiful wilderness.