The Jeep E-Bike - Here Is Why You Should Get One to Take Your Jeep Adventures Farther

Jeep is known for its off-roading prowess on the most rugged trails. But sometimes the next leg of your journey doesn’t call for four wheels—it calls for two. That’s why Jeep teamed up with e-bike industry leader QuietKat, Inc. to bring you an exceptionally capable off-road fat tire electric bike. With the Jeep e-bike, you can take your Jeep adventures farther than ever before.

The Power You Need On Hills - Jeep E-Bike


Navigate rough terrain or climb the steepest hills without breaking a sweat with Jeep's e-bike. It features the Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive motor that boasts 160 Nm of torque and a peak power output of 1500W. It leads the electric bicycle industry in quality and performance.

With your QuietKat Jeep e-bike, you can scout new mountain trails or backcountry roads where you want to go off-roading. Or explore narrower trails that your four-wheel rig can't take you. Either way, the slate of awesome features on the Jeep e-bike will take your adventures to the next level. 

Brief History Of The Jeep E-Bike

Jeep introduced its first full-suspension electric mountain bike in 2020 in collaboration with Colorado-based QuietKat. An e-bike is a motorized bicycle with an electric motor that assists the rider with propelling the bike forward. The power usually comes from the back wheel. So not four wheel drive–more like one wheel drive. The Jeep e-bike went on sale in June 2020, with a teaser Superbowl ad featuring Bill Murray riding the e-bike with a groundhog. Classic.

Jeep joins automakers Audi, Ford, GM, and BMW in the emerging e-bike market. However, those brands aren’t making e-bikes like Jeep. Jeep’s new e-bike is a combination all-terrain vehicle and electric bicycle, leveraging the brand’s experience in off-road capability. Sporting a powerful motor, full-suspension frame, fat bike tires, and 4-Piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Jeep's e-bike is loaded with desirable features that put other manufacturers to shame.

Jeep E-Bike Features 

Some of the most crucial components of an e-bike are its tires, motor, battery, and suspension. Let’s take a deeper look at the QuietKat Jeep e-bike features.

Fat Tires

The extra-wide fat bike tires on this e-bike are ready to handle any terrain. You can air down the CST 26'' X 4.8'' tires for best traction in soft sand, muddy trails, or snow. Inflate them back up when you are on hardpack trails, bike paths, or road terrain. 

Powerful Motor

This baby has power. It’s propelled by a Bafang Ultra 750W mid-drive motor, which keeps you compliant with e-bike regulations under federal law in most states. But if you live in a state that allows e-bikes with 1,000W, you might as well upgrade to a 1,000W mid-drive motor with a peak output of 1500W. The 9-speed drivetrain allows for maximum torque range to help you climb steep hills. And the 4-Piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes help you ease down steep descents.

Both models feature multiple power levels: Eco, Sport, Throttle, and Walk. Save battery life by using nominal power in the battery-friendly Eco pedal-assist mode, which gives you the longest battery range. But if it’s power you’re after, put that baby into Sport mode for climbing over slick rock. This electric mountain bike also features a removable thumb throttle for pedal-free riding.

Long-lasting Battery

The Jeep e-bike will last for the duration of your adventure (within reason). The 14.5Amp-hour 48-Volt Panasonic battery can technically travel a max range of 58 miles on a single charge, especially if you supplement the battery with pedal power. If you’re just going on throttle, however, you can expect a range of about 20-30 miles.

You can currently opt for the extra battery bundle for about $790 and save 10% on your Jeep e-bike. Reviewers were impressed when they put the battery size through some range tests. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery, which you can do with a standard or solar charger.

Superb Fork Suspension

As the top off-road vehicle manufacturer, Jeep knows what it takes to give you a smooth ride over rough terrain. The Jeep e-bike has a full suspension system. The front suspension features a QK Custom inverted air fork with only 150mm of travel and (in the back) a RockShox Monarch RL suspension. It’s also adjustable. The suspension more than stands up to the 70-lb weight of this fat tire bike. 

Customizable Features

In addition to all the fantastic features listed above, you can customize. The Jeep e-bike is available in two exterior colors; red and charcoal, with small, medium, and large frame sizes. Two options of 750W motor and 1000W motor add more customization options. QuietKat offers a larger battery option as well.

Jeep also provides a wide range of custom-made bags, racks, and trailers for hauling cargo. Check out the Overlander's Kit, Angler's Kit, and Hunter's Kit on the QuietKat website. Because this electric fat bike has a 300-pound load capacity, you can add these amenities without worrying about straining your ride. The familiar thumb throttle may have some hunters switching out their ATV for this electric hunting bike. 

Is it Worth it? Jeep E-Bike Benefits

You might experience some sticker shock the first time you look up the QuietKat Jeep e-bike. It currently retails for about $7,300. It debuted at nearly three times the cost of any other 1000W e-bike made by other e-bike retailers and continues to be at the top of the e-bike market price range. But if you want the famous Jeep experience in e-bike form, this ride can’t be beat. They might as well give this e-bike a trail-rated badge. So we’ll go ahead and say yes. 

Raving E-Bike Reviews


Verified buyer testimonials on show happy customers who cite their favorite features in glowing reviews. They love the power in the motor for climbing hills and the suspension for a comfortable ride. The only caveats pointed out by the buyers were shortened battery life in cold weather and for heavier riders.

On Electric Bike Report we found that the reviewers were just as happy as the customers cited in QuietKat’s testimonials. The reviewers were incredibly impressed with the motor, hill climbing capability, battery life, and comfort of the ride. They tested it on rugged terrain and steep terrain. As for the suspension system, one reviewer called it “the best handling of the bunch.” also gave the Jeep e-bike a positive review, writing, “if you gotta have a for-real, full-bounce fattie you can hammer on, here’s your ride.”

What to Consider When Buying a Jeep E-Bike

A major purchase like the Jeep e-bike requires careful consideration. Most importantly, think about how you’ll use it and how you’ll pay for it. It’s good to know that QuietKat offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of their e-bikes and a 1-year warranty on all components.

On-Road and Off-Road

If you opt for the 750W motor, you are street legal similar to electric motorcycles. It’s an enjoyable bike with excellent road capabilities. You won’t have to worry about bike-lane debris with the extra-wide fat tires and the premium suspension.

But if you are buying anything with “Jeep” emblazoned on the side, you likely live for your off-road experiences. And on the trail is where this baby shines. The inverted suspension fork, Bafang Ultra motor, and hydraulic disc brakes will fulfill all your expectations for an all-terrain e-bike. 


The greatest caveat to the Jeep Brand e-bike is the price tag. With an MSRP for the current year model sitting around $7,300, the cost might prohibit some buyers. QuietKat offers financing plans from Affirm starting at $660/month. Add the extra battery bundle for $719.10/month. So is it pricey? Yes, but you can spread out payments over time.

Final Thoughts

The biggest name in e-bikes teamed up with the biggest name in off-road vehicles to bring you this QuietKat Jeep e-bike, a superb product with peak performance capabilities. They combined a powerful motor, high-end suspension, elite brakes, tough tires, and a long-lasting battery to create the most enjoyable e-bike you’ll find. The slate of features sets the Jeep e-bike apart from the competition. Is it expensive? Yes. But QuietKat offers financing options to put this e-bike within your reach. Do you need to invest in a bike rack for your next off-roading adventure? We think you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the QuietKat Jeep e-bike. 

How fast is the Jeep electric bike?

The powerful motor in the QuietKat Jeep e-bike allows you to reach 20mph maximum speed, which still makes it street legal according to e-bike regulations. 20mph climbing a steep hill will feel like plenty of power.

How much do Jeep bikes cost?

The QuietKat Jeep e-bike comes with a hefty price tag compared to other all-terrain e-bikes. The 2020 Jeep e-bike was originally priced at $5899 but the 2022 model has an MSRP of $7299-7499 (thanks, inflation). The good news is that QuietKat e-bikes have accessible payment plans, allowing you to purchase over time.

What is the load capacity of a Jeep E-Bike?

The 300-pound weight capacity and off-road capabilities make the Jeep e-bikes an appealing selection for handling heavy cargo. Load capacity includes the rider weight, so how much gear you can transport depends partly on the weight of the rider. The bike itself weighs 70 lbs, which you’ll need to consider when transporting it. 

What is the charging time of a Jeep E-Bike?

Premium batteries for the QuietKat Jeep range in size and charge time. A standard charger or solar charging station takes 5-8 hours. Their Pathfinder Rapid Charger can cut that time to 3-6 hours. Chargers plug into standard 110v outlets. A mobile charger for your vehicle is also available.