The Top Ways To Show Off Your Jeep Pride (And How To Do It Well)

If you’re like most Jeep owners, you know that you own the best vehicle in the world. No other SUV looks equally good tearing down a mud-filled trail as it does cruising with the top down on a sunny day. But how do you rep your Jeep the right way? If you want to become a true Jeep aficionado, here's how to brag to your fellow Americans without getting too far out in left field.

Use Social Media

The easiest way to show your Jeep love is to post pictures, stories, and videos to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Or start your own Jeep-themed newsletter using a platform like Substack. No one likes a ‘humble bragger’ but if you’ve got genuine Jeep love, your friends will dig it. You might even earn a repost from the official Jeep North America Brand account. Did you recently snap a cool pic of your mud-covered Wrangler or loaded-up Gladiator in some awesome locale? Post it! Got any cool modifications you want to share? Any cool Jeep hacks? Post ‘em! While digging through your family’s photo albums, did you discover your grandpa once drove an awesome vintage Jeep vehicle? You better post that! Just make sure to tag Jeep so other Jeepers (and the official Jeep Brand account) can find you. Don’t forget to post the model year for the diehard crowd. And we always need Jeep-inspired messages of hope, so post those too.

Mod your Jeep

The best way to advertise your Jeep love is by investing in your Jeep itself. Trick out your Jeep with sweet gear like lift kits, winches, bumpers, jacks, snorkels, body armor, soft tops, fender flairs, rocker guards, and large tires to make your Jeep look badass. The mods will also pay dividends on your next off-roading trail adventure and can help to increase resale value. Plus, they’re sure to turn heads and earn you that famous “Jeep wave.”

Attend a Jeep Event


There’s nothing like celebrating Jeep at a party with a bunch of other American Jeep fanatics. The good news is that Jeep events are happening year-round in the USA, from the famed Easter Jeep Safari to Toledo Jeep Fest to top-down summer bashes on the beach. There’s also various Jeep Jamborees around the country from March to November. For an up-to-date list of exciting 2022 Jeep events, click here.

Get a Tattoo

It sounds like a big commitment but hear us out: people get inked up with pictures of their children and loves ones so why not your Jeep? Celebrate your favorite SUV with a Jeep Wrangler back tattoo. Or get the iconic seven-slat Jeep grill across your chest. Or maybe get an original Willys on your upper bicep. There are no restrictions to creativity when it comes to Jeep love to indulge in the freedom of Jeep expression. Trust us: it’ll be awesome. And if not, there’s always laser removal…

Deck Yourself Out in Jeep Apparel


Show your Jeep pride on the road and off-road by purchasing high quality Jeep apparel. Luckily, here at JEDCO, we’ve got you covered. Make sure you peruse our website for rugged Jeep t-shirts, soft hoodies, gorgeous tie-dyes, sharp hats, and cute Jeep gear for the kids. Find designs for iconic Jeep models such as the Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Rubicon, Willy, Renegade, CJ, and more. All of our clothing is officially licensed by Jeep North America and uniquely designed by our talented JEDCo artists. Check out our new arrivals to load up on the latest in Jeep fashion. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest JEDCo products and offers.

Own Nothing but Jeeps

No matter how impressive or practical your other vehicles are, sooner or later, you have to face the facts: they’re not Jeeps. They just don’t feel right. And with every Jeep owner that drives by, you think: That could be me. So just go to your local Jeep dealership and see what Jeep vehicles they’ve got in stock for their customers. If you love your weekend off-roading Wrangler JL or Gladiator but want to trade in your non-Jeep daily driver, you might consider investing in something else in the Jeep vehicle lineup: a new Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, or Renegade. You won’t be sorry.

Name your Dog Jeep 

It’s not as weird as it seems. There is a theory floating around that the name ‘Jeep’ actually comes from a magical pet in the old Popeye cartoons. ‘Eugene the Jeep’ was introduced a few years before Jeeps were manufactured for use in World War Two. Like the creature, Jeeps were small, could go anywhere, and could solve seemingly impossible problems. So pay tribute to Jeep’s origins: Here, Jeep. Here, boy! Good Jeep…And make sure to check out JEDCO’s dog-themed Jeep shirts for you and your pooch. 

Have Other Ideas? Let Us Know!

* We’ll update this article with the best ideas emailed to us! Don’t hold back! There are no restrictions on how Americans can show their Jeep love, both on and off the trail.