Top 10 Jeep Ads of All Time

One thing that we all know about Jeep® is that they take their advertising seriously. Going back many decades now, they’ve come up with ads and ad campaigns that leave their rivals eating dust. And that’s no exaggeration. That’s why we wanted to take a look at some of the best Jeep ads of all time and to see what makes them stand out. There’s plenty to choose from so we picked 10 of the best.

1. Jeep "Whole Again" Super Bowl Ad

Jeep Whole Again SUPER BOWL OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL from Cindy & Lyle on Vimeo.


Super Bowl ads are always highly anticipated and that was no different in 2013 when Jeep dropped this inspiring Whole Again ad. It was a celebration of America and the company’s role in supporting its military.

2. The Great Escape

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There’s something about these vintage ads that’s impossible to ignore. The artwork is beautiful and it captures the sense of wonder and exploration that driving a Jeep makes possible.

3. Jeep Wrangler - Winter Doesn’t Stand a Chance Ad

Sponsoring the Winter X Games, Jeep created this impressive ad, displaying how well the Jeep Wrangler can deal with winter weather in all its forms.

4. Jeep Wrangler - Power Within Ad

The Wrangler Power Within ad focuses on linking Jeep ownership to discovery and adventure and it’s a pretty uplifting ad. It’s definitely an example of great editing and stylish narrative building.

5. MacArthur Returns to the Philippines

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This is another vintage ad and another ad that links Jeep to its role supporting the US military. It’s an interesting artwork and provides far more text than you’d see on a modern advert, but it’s well-designed nonetheless.

6. Jeep - Wagoneer

Jeep Wagoneer Print Ad

We love looking at the old Jeep print ads and the sense of nostalgia we feel. They take us back to camping trips with family and friends in the days before cell phones and the internet. Where sitting around the fire telling stories was our form of Netflix. This ad is for the 1974 Jeep Wagoneer, 2 years after Quadra-Trac was introduced and became standard on the Wagoneer. Ahhh, those were the days! 

7. Jeep Rookie Ad

“Must be his first Jeep”


It’s one of the greatest Jeep ads ever made and we can feel the thrill of being totally free... and thinking you are alone ;) 

8. Jeep Polar Bear Ad

The main focus on this ad was the new heated seat feature in the latest Wrangler, but the thing people remember most about it is that polar bear. And that’s fair enough; it does steal the show at the end.

9. Only in a Jeep

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This is the ad that best captures the lone cowboy spirit that’s always been associated with the Jeep Wrangler and its sense of adventure. It’s a simple ad that gets its message across beautifully; what’s not to like?

10. The Toughest 4 Letter Word on Wheels!


This classic ad clocks in at over 7 minutes but it is worth the watch. Chock-full of detail and 70's nostalgia. It's a must see for any Jeep aficionado!  

There have been so many great ads throughout the years for the iconic Jeep Brand. It’s one of the things that company has been best at, apart from creating incredible vehicles of course. Jeep's continuous innovation is part of the reason we love the brand so much, and can spend hours watching old Jeep commercials!