Top 20 Mudding Trails

Few things compare to taking your Jeep® vehicle off the tarmac and onto some more challenging terrain. If you possess a 4x4 or off-roading machine, then you’ll be pleased to know there are so many amazing mudding trails throughout the U.S. As it happens, we’ve compiled a selection of the very best for you to check out. Take a look at the list below, then set off on an off-road adventure!


Death Valley National Park, California

It’s got a dangerous sounding name, and that’s largely due to the weather conditions on this excellent mudding trail. Temperatures soar into the hundreds during the summer, creating some challenging driving conditions. If you’re looking for an off-roading experience that’s got loads of deep canyons and rocky valleys, then this is the place for you.

Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado

The Alpine Loop Trail is a favorite for many 4x4 owners in the U.S. It takes you along a 63-mile trail that boasts some seriously rocky terrain. It’s a big challenge, but there’s plenty to enjoy while you’re on this trail! You’ll pass through some deserted towns that are throwbacks to the olden times, and the views you get from some of the rocky peaks are quite astonishing.


Paiute, Utah

The stunning red rocks of Moab make for the perfect off-road setting. There are so many fantastic mudding trails in this area, but Paiute takes the win. We’re talking high-altitude, high-octane, and gorgeous views across the red rocky landscape - complete with some beautiful wildlife as well!


Dalton Highway, Alaska

Take a massive 414-mile trip from Yukon River all the way to Prudhoe Bay on this tricky mudding trail. You need a sturdy 4x4 with plenty of room for supplies as the roads are tough and you’re basically on your own for miles on end. It’s a rocky experience, but that makes it all the more rewarding.

Mount Princeton Trail, San Isabel National Forest

We’re back near Colorado for this one, but it’s a 6.8-mile woodland trail offering loads of excellent activities along the way. It’s a steep road, but one you should be able to manage if you’re used to off-roading!

Rubicon Trail, California

One of the most legendary mudding trails in the country. You’ll traverse through multiple forests on very difficult surfaces. Get ready for lots of bumps and scrapes, so ensure your vehicle is up to this task!

El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona

Another menacing name, and another menacing trail. You need a high-riding 4x4 for this one, and it runs right along the US/Mexico border. There are plenty of natural sights to take in while you’re driving, including the stunning Pinta Sand Dunes!

Ouray, Colorado

You’ve got a massive 40 different mudding trails to take on in Ouray! Jeep owners absolutely love this place, and it’s easy to see why. The old mining roads are riddled with potholes and scattered with large chunks of gravel. It’s a place that really tests your skills.

Lanai, Hawaii

Fancy taking a trip to Hawaii? If you can get over there, then Lanai is a famous mudding trail to try out. It’s got swarms of red rocks and orange dirt, 400 miles of unpaved roads, and scenery that looks like it’s from a movie scene.

Badlands, Indiana

A mixture of wet and muddy trails with some dry sand dunes - there’s something for everyone in Badlands! You can even drive your Jeep 4x4 through massive drainage pipes that go through mini lakes, pushing your vehicle to its limits.

White Rim Trail, Utah

A lengthy trail that requires at least two days for the full exploration. Traverse along mountainsides and end up with views over old Indian Ruins and a commanding canyon. Scenic doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington

One for the 4x4 enthusiasts that want a mudding trail without needing to exert yourself. This is a straightforward option that still takes you along many different terrains. You’ll get grassy woodland areas and a vast desert all in the same place.

Mojave Road, Arizona

An iconic option that starts in Arizona and continues along a 140-mile route through to California. It’s full of amazing historical sights, challenging terrain, and a huge dried-up lake.

Calico, California

In the past, this was a silver mine bustling with activity. Now, it’s a deserted town that’s a hotspot for off-road lovers. It’s honestly like taking a trip through time, and you have some awesome canyons and hills to test the limits of your 4x4.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

That’s right, this popular beach vacation spot is actually a hidden gem for off-roaders. You’re allowed to drive 4x4 vehicles along the sandy beach, and there are seven sand-dune trails for you to attempt nearby. The fact you have to weave in and out of pedestrians just adds to the thrill.

Red River, New Mexico

If you’re afraid of heights, then give this one a miss! You’ll soar up to almost 12,000 feet along the Red River Trail, and this comes with some twisting roads and vast lakes. It’s easily one of the hardest mudding trails around, but also the most rewarding.

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

A trifecta of troublesome terrain for you to bite into in South Dakota. Experience the bumpy grasslands, heavily wooded areas, and gritty rocky roads - what more could you ask for?

Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho

Not for the faint-hearted, this mudding trail features freak snowstorms, a one-lane road, and some of the steepest hills you’re ever likely to see. But, it’s well worth it as you make the slow crawl from Idaho through to Montana.

Concession Lake, Ontario

A bit of a cheat as this isn’t in the US, but it’s still in North America. Cross the Canadian border and journey to Ontario for a wet and wild mudding trail. Give your 4x4 a proper test by seeing how far through the lake you can go before getting sucked into the muddy depths!

Uwharrie National Park, North Carolina

This humongous National Park takes you across three different counties and provides a mixture of trails to venture through. Some take you up rocky mountains, while others test your mudding ability through deep puddles and slippery slopes.

If you’re planning an off-roading trip in the near future, then put your Jeep 4x4 to good use by checking out one of these awesome trails. Those of you with big ideas may want to turn this into a mudding trail bucket list to tick off throughout your life!