Top Tourist Traps In Every State For Explorers

Planning to take your Jeep model on a road trip adventure through the United States? Be sure to stop off at some of these strange and unusual tourist destinations - you’ll find one in every state...

Alabama - A Devilish Sign

If you’re looking for an interesting place to take pictures of your Jeep logo, you could do a lot worse than the famous “Go to Church or the Devil will Get You” sign on the I-65 north of Prattville.

Alaska - Dr. Seuss House

Dr. Seuss House, or The Goose Creek Tower as it is also known, is a feat of engineering and a testament to the whimsical. It literally looks like something from a children’s book.

Arizona - Turquoise McDonald’s Logo

Ever seen a McDonald’s logo that isn’t yellow? Head to Sedona and you soon will.

Arkansas - Rush Ghost Town

You won’t find many Jeep accessories here, but what you will find is a perfectly preserved piece of history in the Buffalo River National Park.

California - The Alien Fresh Jerky Store

Baker, California is home to the best jerky store in the world. Not only is the produce amazing, but the store has a sci-fi theme with huge aliens and robots prominently featured.

Colorado - Hanging Lake

A crystal clear lake located in a canyon in Glenwood, Colorado is about as stunning as you’re going to get.

Connecticut - Frog Bridge

It’s a bridge in the shape of a frog in Willimantic, what more do I need to say?

Delaware: The Giant Medical Bag and Stethoscope

No road trip would be complete without the acquisition of exotic Jeep apparel and...well a viewing of a gigantic medical bag and stethoscope...maybe. Florida- Coral Castle Coral Castle was single-handedly built by Ed Leedskalnin after he was jilted by his first love. A testament to human ingenuity, you have to see it to believe it.

Georgia - The Big Chicken

Georgians love their chicken so it shouldn’t be surprising that they have a huge mechanical one on top of a KFC store.

Hawaii - Lanai Cat Sanctuary

If you love cats, you’ll love Lanai Cat Sanctuary which is home to some 500 free-roaming cats who just love attention. Don’t wear your best keep clothing here though!

Idaho- Dog Bark Park Inn

Idaho’s quirkiest, and arguably best, attraction is surely the Dog Bark Park Inn, which is actually in the shape of a giant dog. Amazing.

Illinois - Oz Park

If you’re whimsical, visit the land of Oz and see all of your favorites from the classic film in all of their glory.

Indiana - Giant Ball of Paint

Did you know Indiana was home to the World’s largest ball of paint? You do now.

Iowa - Villisca Ax Murder House

Looking for something macabre on your next road trip? Visit the site of the Villisca Ax Murders and be creeped out.

Kansas - Huge Ball of Twine

Kansas is home to the world’s largest ball of twine if you’re interested.

Kentucky - Dinosaur World

Want to make like you’re in Jurassic Park on your next road trip? Head to Dinosaur World in Cave City and you’ll soon be surrounded by scary specimens as you walk along the scenic trails.

Louisiana - New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

You won’t find much in the way of Jeep shirts here, but you will find voodoo dolls and lots of them. As fascinating as it is spooky!

Maine - the L.L Bean Boot

The L.L Bean Boot is a giant boot outside the company’s headquarters in Freeport.


Maryland - Elijah Jefferson Bond’s Tombstone

Why do you want to see some dead guy’s tombstone? Because it’s a ouija board made of stone, that’s why!

Massachusetts - The Witch House of Salem

A spookier piece of history it would be hard to find. Hopefully, you won’t be haunted by the Salem witch trials’ accused.

Michigan - The M-185 Highway

This is one Highway where you won’t be able to take your Jeep model, being as it is the only Highway in the US where vehicles are banned. You’ll have to settle for wearing your best Jeep shirt instead.

Minnesota - Spoon and Cherry Bridge

It’s a giant bridge in the shape of a spoon with a cherry on the end - what more could you want from a road trip attraction?

Mississippi - The Muppet Museum

The Muppet Museum in Leland is a must-see for lovers of Kermit and his pals.

Missouri - The World's Largest Fork

Continuing on a theme, you can find the largest fork on the planet in Springfield, Missouri.

Montana - Castle City Ghost Town

Once home to Calamity Jane, this ghost town gives you a good idea of life back in the 1800s.

Nebraska - Carhenge

Wear your Jeep gear with pride at this Stonehenge-a-like made from old cars.

Nevada - Area 51 Alien Mailbox

Get your X-FILES on by visiting this out-of-this-world attraction.

New Hampshire - The American Stonehenge

Did you know America has it’s own Stonehenge? It does and you can find it in Salem, New Hampshire.

New Jersey - Lucy the Elephant

You guessed it - it’s a giant elephant.

New Mexico - House of Eternal Return

One of the best haunted housed you’re ever likely to visit.

New York - The Big Duck

It’s a big duck in New York.

North Carolina - Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum

Interested in Bigfoot? Want to know more about haunted dolls? This is the place for you.

North Dakota - Salem Sue

Salem Sue is a giant Holstein cow.

Ohio - Crystal Cave

The largest geode in the world and you can stand inside it.

Oklahoma - Gandini’s Circus

What remains of a once-popular circus, this is one for the urban explorers.

Oregon - The World’s Smallest Park

Not much more than a single tree, this Oregon attraction is one for the jokers among you.

Pennsylvania - The Coffee Pot

A huge coffee pot-shaped building in Bedford County.

Rhode Island - Enchanted Forest

Want to put some magic in your life? Head out to the Enchanted Forest in Hopkinton and see if you can get permission to look around the abandoned attraction. You might just spot a fairy or two.

South Carolina - Peachoid

Yes, it is a giant peach.

South Dakota - Porter Sculpture Park

Perfect for road trips, this is a roadside collection of weird and wacky sculptures in the Montrose area.

Tennessee - Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour

When the driving’s done for the day, pop in and find out more than you ever needed to know about everyone’s favorite whiskey before sampling a dram or two.

Texas- Prada Marfa

A sculpture of a Prada store in Valentine, what’s that all about?

Utah - Homestead Crater

A geothermal hot spring in Midway, it’s a testament to the beauty of nature.

Vermont - The Whale Tails

Two huge whale tails coming out of the grass in South Burlington.

Virginia - Edgar Allen Poe Museum

The king of all that’s creepy and bizarre, a trip to the museum dedicated to the great writer is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Washington - The Fremont Troll

A huge troll protruding fro a bridge holding a car in his hand. Let’s hope it’s not a Jeep model.

West Virginia - Archive of the Afterlife

A museum dedicated to all things supernatural.

Wisconsin - World’s Largest Six-Pack

As you would expect, a giant six-pack. Too bad you can’t drink it.

Wyoming - Hole-in-the-Wall Outlaw Hideout

A hideout once used by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jesse James and other famous outlaws. Where will you visit first?