Did You Know? Popular, Rare Jeep Easter Eggs to Blow Your Mind

For Jeep owners on the hunt for popular Jeep Easter eggs, we've put together a helpful guide for spotting these fun design elements on your particular model.  
Since the late 1990s, every Jeep comes with a fun design flourish hidden somewhere on the vehicle. These little visual gifts are known as "Easter eggs," a reference to their sometimes elusive location and the fact that they are small treats intended to pay homage to Jeep's illustrious history. Though a bit more enigmatic, these hidden objects, animals, and logos are nearly as recognizable amongst owners as the Jeep logo itself. 
These hidden features are more difficult to spot on some Jeeps than others, especially if you're not quite sure what you're looking for. To help you complete your hunt, we've put together a handy guide to some of the most popular Jeep Easter eggs and where to find them.


More Info on Popular Jeep Easter Eggs

There's something thrilling about glancing down at your gear shift to see a topographical map or glancing out of your rear windshield to see Bigfoot climbing over the plastic molding. That element of whimsy and surprise is irresistible, making finding one of these popular Jeep Easter eggs a noteworthy occasion.

The First Jeep Easter Egg

The first-ever Jeep Easter egg came out in 1997 when vehicle designer Michael Santoro sought to make his mark on the Wrangler redesign by incorporating the iconic seven-slot grille imprint into the vehicle's cowl. The grille design helped air flow into the vehicle, but it also jump-started the Jeep Easter egg design. Jeep then incorporated a small Jeep grille inside the headlamp bulb shield of the 2011 Grand Cherokee
Today, Jeep officials and design teams have kept up with the game, finding new and creative ways to delight owners with surprising visual treats hidden on each vehicle. You can now find Jeep Easter eggs inside the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and Jeep Renegade. With a steady stream of contemporary designs, some of which are exclusive to a particular model, Jeep loyalists can enjoy the thrill of discovery every time they purchase a new SUV.

Popular Jeep Easter Eggs And Where To Find Them On Your Jeep

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Not sure where to start your search? We can help with that! While there's no guarantee that your Jeep will have a particular Easter egg in a specific spot, here are some common areas you should check out before you head off on your next big adventure. 

  • Jeep has always been proud of its history, which is why you can find a vintage Jeep Willy driving on the rear window or stamped on the wheels.
  • Well-known for its off-roading trails, Utah's Moab desert has its own mini-topographical map in the plastic near the gear shifter.
  • Jeeps have a gecko-like grip on the road, just like the little fellow under the windshield wipers.
  • Did you know you might be sharing your Jeep with a T-Rex fossil? Check out your floor mats to see if you can spot them!
  • All Jeep models have a small seven-slot grille design etched into the headlights.
  • The dead pedal in the driver’s side footwell is covered in morse code, spelling out "Sand, Snow, Rivers, Rocks."
  • The Renegade roof panel and rear headlights feature an "X" design, referring to the gas cans attached to old Jeep models.
  • You can find the grille icon all over your vehicle. Check either side of the rearview mirror housing or your stereo speakers.
  • The change cubby on your Jeep might hold more than nickels and dimes. You just might find another iteration of the Moab trail map there.
  • The first time I saw a Jeep Renegade, I wondered why the paint was missing on the RPM redline. It turns out that's an orange paintball splotch. Supposedly, it's one of the design team's most beloved weekend hobbies.
  • You will be thrilled to find the rare, infamous Sasquatch making its way over the raised plastic on the back windshield.
  • Take a peek at the cloth covers on your seats, and in the right light, you'll see the Jeep logo looking back at you from underneath the mesh fabric.

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Popular Jeep Models With Easter Eggs

Jeep Easter eggs aren't particular to a model in most cases, but there are some exceptions to that rule.  

  • Underneath the logo in the plastic molding on the Jeep Liberty, you’ll find morse code representing the letters "JL." 
  • If you're a Renegade owner, you might be in for a shock next time you fuel up. Many Renegades feature a charming spider declaring, "Ciao Baby!" on their fuel tanks.  
  • Jeep Gladiators have a pair of flip flops on the cowl.  
  • Jeep Compasses depict Nessie happily swimming across the rear windshield.  
  • Shoutout to Toledo! Gladiators have the number “419” engraved on them, referencing the Ohio area code where they were manufactured. 

Were you surprised that you'd never spotted your Jeep Easter egg before? With so many combinations of icons and locations, they're not all as easy to find as that original grille design on the Wrangler hood.  
For enthusiasts, there's a sense of pride and ownership that comes with your unique Easter egg. In fact, owners showed off their unique designs on social media in 2020 after Jeep Easter eggs started trending on TikTok.  
Now, if someone asks, "What's your Easter egg?" you can show off your vehicle's special little stamp and share its history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Jeeps have a hidden Easter egg?

Most recently manufactured Jeeps do. The Jeep Renegade, Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Gladiator all have a hidden Easter egg.

How do I find the Easter eggs on my Jeep?

While some Easter eggs are easy to find, others are not. You might need to search your entire vehicle to uncover your own. Take a good look at your steering wheel, taillights, and even underneath your floor mats.

What kinds of Jeeps have hidden animals?

There are many Jeep models that feature hidden animals. The Jeep Compass has a gecko on the plastic molding of the windshield as well as the Loch Ness Monster on the window. The Jeep Renegade has a spider next to the gas cap. And the Cherokee might have a T-Rex or a Bigfoot in the windows. Go on your own little Easter egg safari and find those animals.

What year did Jeep Easter eggs start?

The first Jeep to have an Easter egg was the 1997 Wrangler. Instead of an animal, owners discovered a rendition of the seven-slot grille underneath the cowl panel.

Do 2020 Jeeps have Easter eggs? 

They sure do! Easter eggs blew up in popularity in 2020 after a TikTok user posted a video about discovering a spider stowaway on her new car. Users also found a heart emblem and “419” on the Jeep Gladiator dash as well as a seven-slot grille design on the truck bed. 2020 Renegades are full of Easter Eggs, including seven-slot grilles, a Moab map, and X designs of the taillights and cup holders. Cherokee drivers found “Since 1941” on the base of the steering wheel while Jeep Compass drivers found the Loch Ness Monster and a gecko in their vehicles. Wrangler JLs have a pair of sandals and the JL logo with JL in morse code. And that’s only a small sampling of all the Easter eggs you’ll find in the 2020 Jeep line.

Where is the Easter egg on a Jeep Rubicon?

The design team at Jeep has cooked up some pretty creative places to incorporate their Easter eggs. There are flip flops on the passenger side of the windshield cowl. There are seven slots under the cowl and under the hood above the headlights and on the back of the tailgate. And the Rubicon has a bunch of Willys silhouettes: on each wheel, on the shifter, on the window, and on the floor mats.  There is also a topographical map and a dinosaur skull on the floor mat. And this is only a small sample. We’re sure you’ll find more.

What does Jeep ducking mean?

Did You Know-Popular- Rare Jeep Easter Eggs to Blow Your Mind duck woman its a thing

Jeep ducking is a reference to a practice amongst Jeep owners of putting a rubber ducky on someone else's Jeep, just as a way of saying hello. It started in 2020 in Ontario, Canada.

Want to step up your ducking game? Check out the It's A Thing and Duck Duck Jeep t-shirts. 


Why is there a lizard on my Jeep?

If you spot a sneaky gecko molded into the plastic on your Jeep, you just discovered an "Easter egg." These little decals and hidden figures are said to be a nod to the Jeep brand's most notable capabilities, including its gecko-like grip when off-roading.

Do Jeep Cherokees have hidden Easter eggs?

Yep! You can find hidden Easter eggs on every model of Jeep, including the Cherokee.

Where are the Easter eggs on the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L has a bunch of Easter eggs. If you search under the hood, you’ll find a map of Detroit and the 313 area code. Peek underneath the fuel door to find a Willys Jeep. Next to the Grand Cherokee emblem on the exterior is an American flag, and on each end of the dashboard is a script that says, “Since 1941.” On the passenger side of the windshield is a seven-slot grille and headlights, and on the driver’s side of the third-row seat, there’s a Willys Jeep climbing the glass. That’s only some of the Easter eggs. You’ll probably find more!

What does the star mean on a Jeep?

The Freedom Star on a Jeep represents its original status as a military vehicle. Some people mistake it as a symbol that veterans put on their cars, but that's not the case. If you like the Freedom Star design - check out our Jeep Freedom Star Collection.