The Jeep Slogans We Absolutely Love: Celebrating the Best Jeep Sayings Old and New

Since 1941, the Jeep brand has developed several models and upgrades to the original Jeep vehicle. It has also delivered countless Jeep slogans we still celebrate today.

Jeep Beginnings


The brand launched its four-wheel drive vehicle in 1941 to help the Allies on the battlefield. The small, compact utility vehicle was perfect for the varied terrain of World War II, and it quickly became recognized as a brand that represented freedom, toughness, and America.

Willys-Overland launched the first Civilian Jeep (CJ) in 1945. It didn’t take long for the rest of the world to want to own this lightweight, versatile, American automobile.

Since its beginning as a wartime tool, Jeep has certainly evolved since then, upgrading to well-equipped, off-road vehicles with luxury options and high-tech capabilities. We all have our favorite Jeep model, whether it’s the Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep Compass, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, or the relatively new Jeep Gladiator.

As the Jeep brand itself has changed throughout the years, so has the Jeep slogan. Today, we’re celebrating Jeep advertising slogans throughout the years by highlighting some of the best Jeep quotes.

What is Jeep’s Slogan?

Jeep’s current slogan is this: “Legends aren’t born, they’re made.”

First launched in 2019, this Jeep slogan comes out of a 360-degree marketing campaign, which was designed to promote the brand as the greatest SUV manufacturer in an increasingly crowded market.

The campaign highlights real-life legends like Babe Ruth and James Dean, promoting the idea that years of hard work, dedication, and commitment go into creating a legend. As Olivier Francois, FCA’s Chief Marketing Officer said at the time, “It is a reminder that the Jeep brand, through its legendary DNA, continues to fulfill its promise of capability, durability, and craftsmanship.”

Other Popular and Past Jeep Slogans and What They Stand For

The current Jeep brand slogan is inspiring, clever, and rings true. But that should come as no surprise to Jeep lovers, as the brand has a long history of creative and catchy slogans featured in commercials and Jeep festivals alike.

Jeep has had its fair share of popular Internet teaser advertising and taglines, so let’s take a look at some of the best.

I Live. I Ride. I Am. Jeep.

Jeep debuted its “I live. I ride. I am. Jeep.” tagline in 2009. Though the brand was already widely recognized at this point in its history, the tagline brought a new attitude and higher energy to the name.

Fans loved this tagline so much that you could often find it printed on apparel like sweatshirts, T-shirts, stickers, and even folding chairs. The simple four-statement line summed up not just a vehicle but the non-conformist and adventurous Jeep lifestyle as well. 

Have Fun Out There

This Jeep slogan is almost too easy, but it works. “Have fun out there” launched in the summer of 2007, back when Jeep had just a seven-vehicle lineup. While the brand was already strong at this point, the goal of the slogan was to bring in more buyers with an image that no one could resist. 

It was an exciting time: Jeep had more models available than ever before. The new tagline served as an avenue to get momentum going using teasers like “Fun Wheels,” “Jeep Heritage,” and “Sandbox” as preemptive marketing strikes.  

There’s Only One 


The “There’s Only One” campaign came into play in the late 1990s. At its core, the tagline is straightforward: there are many imitators but there’s only one Jeep brand. There’s only one SUV brand that so seamlessly combines both comfort and rugged capability. The slogan caught on. Even recent commercials still incorporate this tagline, proving its success.  

The Toughest 4-Letter Word on Wheels


Older Jeep fans may recognize this tagline from the 1970s commercials, which boasted about the brand’s ultimate rugged appeal. “Rugged Jeep guts”? Yes please. The tagline was perfect for anyone looking for a tough vehicle in a steel frame that could handle all your outdoor fun.  

Best Jeep Slogan Ideas from Jeep Fans 

Fans of Jeep have been creating their own taglines for decades, which has worked out for benefit the company. Why hire an expensive advertising agency when you have a huge following of creative people who live and breathe your brand?

Let’s take a look at the best Jeep taglines that the Jeep community has come up with over the years.  

Build the Jeep You Want to Show Others 

Every Jeep owner knows that part of owning a Jeep is showing off how incredibly cool it looks to everyone else. Jeeps are some of the most customizable vehicles on the road today. There are tons of upgrades, mods, and styles that Jeep owners can choose from to build their dream rides.  

For instance, do you keep the top up or ride your Wrangler topless? Is your Jeep a traditional color or did you make it Snazzberry? What about a suspension lift? Did you go two inches or five? 

This fan tagline reminds Jeep lovers that they can make their Jeep whatever they want it to be.  

It’s a Jeep Thing


“It’s a Jeep thing” expresses how difficult it is sometimes to explain our Jeep culture to uninitiated non-Jeep drivers. There are just some things that are exclusive to the Jeep community, bringing Jeep owners together over something that no one else could ever understand.  

You don’t get it unless you drive a Jeep. And yes, there is even Jeep “Its a Thing You Wouldn’t Understand” t-shirt

Jeep Days are the Best Days

Jeep owners all around the world can agree on one thing: any day spent in their Jeep is a great day. This fan saying caught on quickly with anyone who loves to ride, either off-road or on, either top-down or up, in their Jeep.  

If She’s a Jeeper, She’s a Keeper


Jeeps aren’t just for the boys, and Jeep girls know it. This fun fan tagline is one of the best Jeep quotes for the ladies, who like Jeep fun just as much as the next guy. Whether your Jeep is hot pink or jet black, women who Jeep do it best. 

Final Thoughts 

The Jeep world is one full of adventure, fun, practicality, and the great outdoors. Today’s Jeeps seamlessly switch over from off-roading in the mud to cruising down Main Street, offering the original rugged look with luxury features. One thing that will never change about the Jeep is the quick-wit and catchiness of its slogans. From the 1940s to today, these slogans help us celebrate what we love about the Jeep brand. Because (you guessed it), “there’s only one.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some FAQs about Jeeps below.  

Why do Jeeps say “Willys”? 

Although the US Government originally chose a vehicle designed by the Bantam Car Company, Bantam did not have enough production facilities to mass-produce the Jeep. So, the company Willys got the contract instead and built the Jeep in the 1940s.  

Why do Jeeps get ducks? 

The act of someone placing a rubber duck on a Jeep is called Jeep ducking. The tradition began at random when someone decided to leave a duck on a Jeep, along with a friendly message. Through the magic of the Internet and word of mouth, it became a regular practice for Jeep enthusiasts to leave rubber ducks on Jeeps as a way to pay respect, regardless of whether they know the owner or not. You can even rep the Jeep duck as part of your wardrobe. 

What is Jeep’s font?


The font of the Jeep logo is Helvetica Bold. However, Jeep uses a wide range of other fonts for each model, such as the Rubicon, which uses modified Eras Bold ITC.  

What are Jeep Easter eggs?



Every Jeep has hidden, unexpected features added to them for users to discover. Many of them are difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. For example, Jeep Gladiators have hidden flip-flops in the cowl and Jeep Renegades sometimes have a spider saying, “Ciao, baby!” next to the gas cap. For more about Jeep Easter eggs, click here

What is the Jeep brand known for? 

The Jeep brand is widely known for its military roots, helping the Allies win WWII. Today the Jeep brand is recognized for making quality vehicles with impressive off-roading, and adventurous capabilities. But the Jeep brand is more than a maker of vehicles. They enable a fun-loving and enthusiastic Jeep culture. 

Why are there 7 slots in a Jeep grille? 

Every Jeep model has seven slots in its grille. When Willys decided to add a vertical-slot grille to the Jeep, they couldn’t use the 9-slot design that Ford used because it was trademarked. So Willys cut down the slots to seven. It weighed less and was more affordable to produce than the original grille. And that’s how we got the seven-slot grille—it’s been an iconic symbol of Jeep ever since.