How to Buy the Best Jeep Gifts for Friends and Family (w/ Pics)

Holidays have us all hustling and bustling to figure out what to buy the beloved Jeepers in our lives. Luckily we’ve got a long list of accessories to outfit all our Jeep enthusiasts and their favorite vehicles. Here, we share the best gifts for Jeep owners to let your loved ones know just how much you care.

Jeep Vehicle Accessories

How to Buy the Best Jeep Gifts for Friends and Familyjedco-jeep-wrangle-snorkle

The key to a Jeep-lover’s heart is the Jeep itself so consider buying them cool accessories. There are a variety of Jeep vehicle mods at various price points to choose from, from relatively cheap to a this-is-how-much-I-love-you splurge. You can get grab handles for as little as $14, although a good set will run you about $100. If your Jeeper enjoys nighttime off-roading, consider an LED light bar to help illuminate the way. Light bars can run from $100 to $1,000 and above. There are also custom Jeep grilles to help their Jeep stand out from the crowd. We especially like the furrowed-brow concept for an imposing off-road look. And to outfit your loved one for their next Jeep safari, consider a little snorkeling, a bumper upgrade, or some rugged seat covers. You can also just let them decide what to buy with a Quadratec Gift Card. Your Jeep owners and their Jeeps will thank you.

Jeep T-Shirts


Get your Jeep enthusiast a T-shirt that reps the Jeep brand while also being stylish and comfortable. Here at JEDCO, we’ve got you covered. Find T-shirt designs for iconic Jeep models such as the Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Rubicon, Willy, Renegade, CJ, and more. We’ve got groovy tie-dyes for a more laid-back vibe, vibrant beach-themed shirts for the sun-and-sand cruisers, and rugged mountain-themed T-shirts for the committed off-roaders. We’ve also got T-shirts for all your young Jeepers. Many of our shirts feature the Jeep logo and/or the iconic Jeep grille. All of our apparel options are officially Jeep licensed with unique designs by our talented artists. Best part: You can stuff our T-shirts into a Christmas stocking.

Jeep Winter Apparel and Clothes for Colder Weather


Winter is hard-top season, which means it’s time to outfit your Jeep fanatic with Jeep-licensed winter apparel. JEDCo will keep them warm. Our ultra-comfortable hooded sweatshirts are made with heathered fleece and feature the iconic Jeep grille. Or consider a long-sleeved shirt to keep those arms cozy while driving. For her, we’ve got the oh-so-soft Jeep Sherpa Fleece Vest or these lounge-ready Jeep Joggers. And don’t forget about your head as the temps drop. We’ve got warm beanies, made with extra comfy acrylic knit and an authentic Jeep logo patch. You might keep it classy with a beanie featuring a faux-fur pom. Or go polar with a snow-camo hat.  And don’t forget about your feet for a funny Jeep gift—we’ve got an excellent collection of Jeep socks on the JEDCo site, like these Jeep Grille-design crew socks or Jeep sunset beach socks to remind you of the warmer days ahead. Make sure to subscribe to the JEDCo newsletter for exclusive offers and apparel options.

Jeep Pens


Got an aspiring writer in your life? Consider the gift of a beautiful Jeep pen. They might even use it to write about all their Jeep adventures in this sharp star-themed Jeep journal.

Jeep Mugs


How are you going to keep your coffee or cocoa warm this winter without a Jeep mug?  Pick up a couple extra for your out-of-town Christmas guests. We dig this mountain-themes enamel mug or this tribute to the famous Jeep wave.

Jeep Hats


Nothing can jeopardize an off-road adventure like bad hair and the sun in your eyes. Luckily, JEDCO has a variety of sweet Jeep hats to choose from. Our best-selling mountain stripe design would make a great gift. We’ve also got camo designs, including the winter-themed snow camo. Guess what’s back in style?  Bucket hats. That’s right. Our favorite is this tribute to vintage Jeeps of yore for a laid-back style.

Jeep Jewelry


For a perfect gift that’ll mean the world to her, consider some Jeep jewelry. You might get a Jeep charm for your sweetheart’s charm bracelet. But probably the most unique gift we found was this Jeep grille and tread ring. Is it time to pop the question this Christmas? We’re not telling you what to do, but . . .  

Jeep Adventures


Sometimes the ideal gift is a cool experience. Why not buy your Jeep enthusiast the trip of a lifetime? There are exciting Jeep events happening year-round, from the famed Easter Jeep Safari to the Toledo Jeep Fest to top-down summer bashes on the beach. For a truly unique gift, there are also various guided Jeep Jamborees around the country from March to November. Let them show off their Jeep, explore rugged terrain, and commune with other Jeep fanatics. For an up-to-date list of exciting 2022 Jeep events, click here. 

Jeep Backpacks


For your next road trip, make sure you’ve got a place to store all your gear with a Jeep backpack. Jeep makes a ton of storage bags that feature the famous Jeep logo. On your Jeep adventures, for all your camping gear, we like this X Thule Alltrail 25L Backpack in Mykonos blue or this sleek gray Mission Tech Pack. For a more everyday bag, this water-resistant canvas Finley Mill Pack makes a great gift.

Jeep Water Bottles


Summer isn’t the only time to stay hydrated. You can build up some serious thirst with all those hours inside by the fire with the heat blasting (not to mention all the possible imbibing that might be going on, are we right?). The good news is that Jeep has many water bottles to choose from.
Check out this 
32oz Hydroflask or this 22oz Stainless Steel Bottle that doubles as a wireless charger. They’ve even got a water bottle for your pooch!    

Jeep Watches


What’s the perfect gift for those Jeep owners who already have it all?  Think about this stunning Jeep watch to count down those minutes till midnight this New Year’s Eve.