How To Pick a Jeep Lover’s Present. Jeep Lover’s Gift Guide.

Discover the Perfect Gift for Your Jeep Lover

We love our holidays and any occasion for gift-giving. But some people are impossible to shop for. They either have everything or are so particular that they’re difficult to please. But if you are shopping for a Jeeper, you don’t have this problem. There are plenty of excellent gift ideas for the Jeep lovers in our lives. With a personalized picture frame, you can highlight special moments on the trail. And with a custom Jeep tumbler, coffee will never be far away. Or with a vintage Jeep patent print, your Jeeper’s collection can finally be complete.

If you're struggling to decide what to get your Jeep lover, we'll point you in the right direction with one of these fantastic Jeep gifts! 

Here Is What To Consider When Gifting a Jeep Lover


When picking a gift for your Jeep lover, it’s important to keep their vehicle in mind. It would look pretty silly for a Wrangler owner to sport Renegade stickers. Likewise, large tires wouldn't look too good on a Jeep Compass. The kind of Jeep they have must fit the gift you’re giving.

Their Favorite Jeep Model


Jeeps come in all kinds of models. While the Wrangler is the most iconic, the Cherokee also has a significant following. Plus, it's a good idea to know the make and trim of their Jeep, too. There's a pretty big difference between a YJ and a CJ Wrangler, and a Sahara trim will offer different features and styling over an Unlimited trim. 

Their Favorite Color

Jeep lovers appreciate gifts in their favorite colors. When you think of a Jeep lover's favorite shade, you add a layer of personalization you don't get with a generic color. Even vibrant colors have a home on a Jeep, like the orange Jeeps that criss-cross beaches. 

Jeep Activities They Enjoy the Most

Is your Jeep lover a camper? A hiker? An off-roader? There are Jeep-related gifts for every activity, and even some mods to splurge on, should you opt to spend a bit more! Use the Jeep activities they love the most as a starting place for the perfect gift. 

What Jeep Item Would They Love To Own/Have

Every Jeep owner has that special something they’d love to unwrap during the holidays or birthdays. The good news is that Jeep has countless accessories, mods, and memorabilia from which to select the perfect gift. Not everyone can bestow a classic Willys Jeep on your Jeeper, but there are still a ton of gifts to choose from. Find out the coveted Jeep items your Jeep lover has been eyeing, and make it a point to remember those gifts for an upcoming occasion. 

Their Environmental Status: Weather, Terrain, etc.

Jeep lovers live in all kinds of environments and Jeep owners traverse all types of terrain. Some of us love mudding. Others need to battle the snow and ice on the regular. And then there’s the Jeepers who live in more arid climates good for rock crawling but perhaps hotter and dustier. Find out what environment your jeep lover lives in or adventures in. That distinction will help you narrow down what to get as a gift. 

10 Best Gifts for Jeep Lovers

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or just because, there are several great gifts for the Jeep lover in your life. The beauty of many of these gifts is the personal thought you put into your selection. You know your Jeeper best and can get it just right. Sure, you can splurge to show your love but not every great gift has to be expensive. 

Jeep Event Tickets


Jeep events take place across the country. Several events like Jeep Jamboree USA dedicate trail time for off-roading trips in some of the most stunning natural landscapes. Others are spectator events where the gnarliest Jeeps tackle the most impossible rock crawls. If you’re looking for a fun destination Jeep party, check out the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach, or Toledo Jeep Fest in Jeep’s birthplace. Yes, the cost of accommodation and tickets might run you hundreds of dollars, but what you're paying for is the epic Jeep experience! 

Jeep Picture Frame


Thanks to smartphones, we have access to quality cameras at any time. That makes a Jeep picture frame the perfect personalized Jeep lover's gift. Jeep picture frames come in all colors and designs, including Jeep Wrangler CJs and Wrangler YJs. Jeep picture frames are usually less than $20, but the sentiment will be worth much more! Find the perfect picture of your Jeep lover, and they'll be sure to remember the special moments you shared together. 

Vintage Jeep Patent Print


A genuine Jeep patent print is the perfect addition to any Jeep lover's collection. Explore the very first workings of a classic Willy's Jeep or the introduction of the Jeep Cherokee. Vintage prints are pricey, but a reproduction can be just as lovely, and won't break the bank, either! Reproduction prints run about $25-$30. 

Funny Jeep Lover T-Shirt


It's hard to go wrong with a Jeep T-shirt. Jeep girls love T-shirts, Jeep grandmas love T-shirts, and even the hardcore off-road warriors love T-shirts. What are you going to wear as you rip down the trail? Probably a T-shirt. Luckily, here at JEDCo, we’ve got you covered. 


Make sure you’ve got your loved one’s proper T-shirt size and then head to the JEDCo website for a ton of options. Find T-shirt designs for iconic Jeep models such as the Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Rubicon, Willy, Renegade, CJ, and more. We’ve got groovy tie-dyes for a more laid-back vibe, vibrant beach-themed shirts for the sun-and-sand cruisers, and rugged mountain-themed T-shirts for the committed off-roaders. We’ve also got T-shirts for all your young Jeepers. Many of our shirts feature the Jeep logo and/or the iconic Jeep grille. All of our apparel options are officially Jeep licensed with unique designs by our talented artists. Best part: You can stuff our T-shirts into a Christmas stocking. 

Jeep Travel First Aid Kit

More often than not, a Jeep owner is outdoorsy and active. If you live an active life, there will be a time when a Jeep first aid kit is necessary. You can find dedicated Jeep branded first-aid kits for various models like the Jeep Renegade, the Jeep Cherokee, and the Jeep Wrangler JL. Branded Mopar Jeep first aid kits run around $100. But for real medical professionals, kits with all the essentials run upwards of $500. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Your Jeep lover will appreciate that you are looking out for them. 

Jeep Baby Walker

There's nothing cuter than a baby driving around a mini version of adult vehicles. That makes a Jeep baby walker the perfect gift to celebrate a baby shower or a child's first birthday. These walkers are shaped like the iconic Jeep Wrangler and will surely put a smile on any Jeep lover's face as their baby "drives" by! You can find Jeep baby walkers at many big-box stores like Walmart, Target or Kohl’s, but expect to spend around $80. 

Night Driving Glasses

Driving at night is already difficult enough, but adding in the glare from other cars can make it next to impossible to see. Luckily, there are night driving glasses to help cut down on the glare. Night driving glasses use polarized lenses to help filter out excessive light, assisting drivers in seeing ahead more clearly. Depending on the brand, a pair of night driving glasses will run around $25-$30. Of course, Ray-Bans will be the most expensive pair at up to $200. 

Jeep Laptop Backpack

Jeep lovers appreciate their Jeeps' versatility, a quality which translates to other Jeep items. A Jeep laptop backpack is the perfect blend of function and form, allowing the Jeep lover in your life to carry around a laptop and gear for the Jeep. Jeep sells this sleek North Face branded backpack with the Willys logo. Certain laptop backpacks such as this Wagoneer version even come in genuine leather, like the upholstery in the finest Jeeps.

Jeep Blankets


Everyone loves a good blanket on a cold night. That's what makes JEDCo’s Jeep blankets an excellent option for Jeep lovers—they sport world-famous Jeep grills or even the Jeep wave. Made of cozy plush material, our selection features both throw blankets and convenient roll-ups, so finding a blanket your Jeep lover will enjoy is super easy. Plus, blankets are an inexpensive gift, with many hovering around the $30-$40 mark. 

Jeep Lover Tumbler

Like T-shirts and blankets, Jeep lover tumblers have all kinds of sayings and graphics. A tumbler keeps your Jeep lover’s beverage hot or cold, and many fit perfectly into the cup holders. There's even an orange Jeep tumbler, but finding the right color will be more meaningful. Personalized Jeep tumblers cost about $30, with more intricate ones costing slightly more. 

Wrapping Up

Buying gifts can be challenging, but finding the perfect gift for a Jeep lover doesn't have to be a hassle. Once you've found the color, model, and climate your Jeep lover prefers, you can start shopping. Maybe they need a funny T-shirt or a Jeep baby walker for the little one? Or a vintage Jeep patent print and a Jeep picture frame to go with it? Jeep gifts don't have to be expensive, either. While it's nice to get a big-ticket item every once in a while, these small, more meaningful gifts leave a lasting impact as well.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When buying for a Jeep lover, some frequent questions come to mind. Here are some of the most common. 

What to buy a Jeep lover?

Jeep lovers are fans of anything Jeep branded. Items with the Jeep logo or a stylized illustration of a Jeep are excellent options. Plus, anything practical that a Jeep lover can use is especially nice. Find something memorable and meaningful, and the Jeep lover in your life will surely enjoy it!  

How to pick a Jeep fan's present?


Start by deciding on something a Jeep fan will use or something they need. Then, determine if there is a specific color, design, or material that would be the right fit. If you are still stumped, there's always a funny Jeep T-shirt or quality blanket that's sure to please. 

Why are Jeeps so popular?

What’s not to like? Jeeps are sleek and beautiful while maintaining that rugged and functional allure the Jeep brand is famous for. Plus, they are durable: even when off-roading, Jeeps maintain good tire condition. They appear wide-bodied and boxy, flashing a formidable look for the trails, streets, and highways. In a Jeep, you can truly “Go anywhere. Do Anything.”

Jeeps combine beauty and brawn. They have a stylish exterior with an array of body colors to choose from. The Wrangler especially offers top-down, ready-for-adventure fun. Most models also provide an impressive off-roading experience with independent suspension and four-wheel drive, giving you confidence and peace of mind the next time you find yourself in harsh weather conditions or on rough terrain. Aside from off-road capability, many Jeep models are excellent city-capable vehicles, meaning they look just as good on suburban streets as on muddy trails. It also helps that many Jeeps are affordable, reliable, and iconic. 

Plus, when you drive a Jeep, you are part of the awesome Jeep community. You can start waving or Jeep ducking or going to Jeep parties. But those are extras. Jeeps are popular, most of all, because they are high-quality vehicles made for your fun-loving, adventurous lifestyle.

Are Jeep Wranglers fun to drive?

Jeep Wranglers are a blast to drive. The unique design and capability of a Jeep Wrangler make it one of the most fun off-road vehicles. Not only are they frequently advertised as off-road machines, but many businesses make a living by providing Jeep tours, Jeep adventures, and Jeep rentals. 

What do Jeep owners call themselves?

Jeep owners are a select group of individuals. While there isn't a specific nickname, there is an honor code that includes the Jeep Wave. The Jeep Wave is a hand signal to other Jeep owners as a sign of camaraderie. Jeep took the Wave code a step further and branded it as the brand's extended coverage program, keeping Jeeps in working order longer and with better assistance. 

Which Jeep model is the most popular?

The most popular Jeep model is, hands down, the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler takes its design from the iconic military Willy's Jeep, with the first consumer model known as the CJ (Civilian Jeep). It’s a great SUV with one of the highest resale values out there. The Wrangler has a timeless, iconic look, is reliable on and off road, is rugged without being uncomfortable, and is pretty affordable. The Wrangler is one of the top-rated compact SUVs on the market today, winning Vincentric’s Best Value in America award for 2022. 

Other popular Jeep models include the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Wagoneer. While the Wrangler is the most popular, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best-selling model

What makes a great gift for a Jeep lover?

The best gifts are those that come from the heart. For Jeep lovers, that's just as true. Many fans are happy that loved ones remember their infatuation with the best off-road vehicle in the world. That makes personalized gifts a great option for Jeep lovers. It's even better if you can somehow incorporate your time spent together in the Jeep. But most of all, get them something that celebrates the Jeep brand they love.