When Is Jeep Week? FL, SC, MD, TN, UT... Plan Your Next Adventure Right Here 

Looking for more information on Jeep Week? Get the latest facts, event dates, and the inside scoop on what to expect with events for Jeep lovers in 2022 & plan ahead for 2023!

Curious About Jeep Week?


We love our Jeeps year-round, but when Jeep enthusiasts gather for several days at a time, we have a habit of naming our celebrations “Jeep Week.”

As a Jeep brand aficionado, you’ve probably heard of Jeep Week. The idea is to gather together with literally thousands of other Jeep fans for a few days to do nothing but celebrate the greatness of Jeeps.

But what exactly is Jeep Week? And is it worth all the hype? Check out below for more information about coveted Jeep events as well as tips on how to make the most of your Jeep Week.

What Is Jeep Week?

Jeep Week is basically a week-long party for Jeep lovers. You’ll gather for Jeep-inspired events like off-roading trail rides, Jeep parades, Jeep scavenger hunts, Jeep obstacle courses, and Jeep beauty contests. After-market companies and Jeep brand vendors will set up vendor areas to offer awesome and exclusive products. It’s a great way to meet fellow Jeepers and to reconnect with old friends. These events are often family-friendly with activities for everyone.

How Many Jeep Weeks Are There in the US?


There are quite a few. The best-known Jeep Weeks are the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah (a nine-day event) and the Jeep Beach event in Daytona Beach, Florida. Many other places around the US have their own, shorter, Jeep-related festivities. A few of the better-known ones are the Florida Jeep Jam in Panama City and Maryland’s Ocean City Jeep Week, featuring the famous beach crawl.

The Best Jeep Week Reviewed

Spring and summer is Jeep Week season! Here is more about event details, times, and registration fees. 

Jeep Beach: For this fun event, thousands of Jeep owners descend on one of the most beautiful destinations in the USA: Daytona Beach. 200,000 Jeep lovers from over 26 countries gather for a week of family-friendly partying in this Jeep-only event. Unlike events in September or December, you'll be enjoying the beach in the full throes of Spring. Jeeps of all kinds are invited, whether you've got a classic or a new model. Starting with a Jeep Beach 5K Fun Run and ending with an epic Jeep Beach Parade, this major Jeep event also includes a Jeep luau, a Tiki party, a “Show N Shine” Jeep beauty competition, off-road mudding opportunities, family-friendly beach games, and live entertainment. You can also just—you know—spend a Friday or Saturday night relaxing on Daytona Beach. In addition, the event features over 200 vendors at the Daytona International Speedway with all the latest Jeep gear and products. Entrance tickets are $80 per vehicle, which includes access to all official Jeep Beach events. And you won’t regret your revelry: Jeep Beach raises funds for local and national charities, with over $2 million donated since 2012. So do a good deed and party with your Jeep at Daytona for Jeep Beach. Plan ahead for Jeep Beach 2023 which will take place April 23-30 and is the 20th Anniversary! 


Easter Jeep Safari: Do you want to roll over slickrock and caravan through Utah’s most gorgeous gullies and red rock trails in your own Jeep? If so, this major Jeep event is for you. Hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers (RR4W), the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, features some of Utah’s most stunning landscapes, situated close to the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands National Park. Held since 1967, this nine-day event begins Saturday, one week before Easter (as the name suggests). In addition to 40 beautiful trails with difficulty ranging from 2-9, the Easter Jeep Safari is also where the Jeep brand unveils their newest concept vehicles, giving attendees an exclusive peek at Jeep’s future lineup. And it features a robust product exposition of after-market vendors. There will be plenty to do, in between swapping stories and breaking bread with other Jeep lovers. The main event is Big Saturday, a massive parade of 4x4 vehicles, all departing Moab at the same time. With the modest entrance fee of $50 per vehicle per day, this is one Jeep adventure you won’t regret attending. 

Florida Jeep Jam:  Here’s another Florida beach event not to be missed. Sometimes referred to as the Jeep Beach Jam, it’s on the famous Panana City Beach and it’s so much fun! This Jeep-only party promises tons of top-down fun. Friday features a beach parade called the “Topless for Turtles Jeep Beach Krawl,” while the main event on Saturday is a celebration of “National Go Topless Day.” They’ve also got a fun obstacle course, family-friendly beach games, tons of Jeep vendors, and off-road trail excursions. While smaller than Jeep Beach, this event still promises a good time in the surf and sand, so grab a ticket and we'll see you there!  Registration costs vary depending on how many events you participate in.


Ocean City Jeep Week: This four-day event in a beautiful Maryland resort town is one of the fastest growing Jeep Weeks in the US. They have that famous Jeep Crawl, where you get to drive your Jeep for 2.5 miles along the beach every morning. If you want to put your Jeep to the test, they also have two kinds of obstacle courses: the Kicker Sand Course (with sand mounds and moguls) and the Jeep Jam obstacle course (with boulders, logs, and concrete steps). A large 4x4 Expo will also connect you to aftermarket vendors for all your mods and upgrades. Registration varies between $75 and $195.

Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam: The Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam is a three-day show for Jeep lovers that includes beach crawls, off-road obstacle courses, and nightly parties. Admission is $10, with Jeep registration varying between $50 for a one-day pass to $150 for a VIP pass. Registration fees include a free Jeep Week T-shirt.

The Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Club Invasion: Every year, the Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion is held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, towards the end of August. This event usually has about 15,000 Jeeps in attendance and features a high-profile “Show & Shine” competition. Admission is only $15.

Dates to Put on Your Calendar

Don’t want to miss these events for Jeep enthusiasts? Here are six dates in 2022 to put on your calendar so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Event information is subject to change, so remember to check the websites frequently for event updates and the latest information! 

  • Easter Jeep Safari: April 9-April 17 in Moab, Utah 
  • Jeep Beach: April 24-May 1 in Daytona Beach, Florida 
  • Florida Jeep Jam: May 10-May 14 in Panama City Beach, Florida 
  • Gladiators Take The Mountain: July 2 in Cosby, TN
  • The Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Club Invasion: August 25-August 27 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • Rubicon Round Up: August 27 in Cosby, TN 
  • Ocean City Jeep Week: August 25- August 28 in Ocean City, Maryland 
  • Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam: October 28-October 30 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Want to plan ahead for Jeep Events in 2023? We'll continue to update the list, so check back often:

  • Easter Jeep Safari: April 1-April 9, 2023
  • Jeep Beach: April 23-May 30, 2023

    Event rules and entry regulations vary by location.

    How to Prepare for a Jeep Week Experience

    If you’re thinking about going to any of the annual Jeep gatherings, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan your trip.

    Event Details

    Once you’ve selected a Jeep Week, make sure to take the time to read through all the event details and itinerary before you purchase tickets. Every Jeep convocation is different, and many of these gatherings have some fine print in the details that you’ll want to keep in mind, such as extra parking fees or additional charges for individual events.

    Register Early

    The early bird gets the worm! Many Jeep events, especially the more popular ones, will fill up quickly, so it’s a good idea to check the websites frequently and find out when event registration opens up.

    Pack Accordingly

    Many of these Jeep events have a lot of different activities, from meet-and-greet parties to off-roading courses. As such, you’ll need a variety of outfits for each occasion. So make sure to arrive prepared!

    Outfit and Prepare Your Jeep

    You’ll want to make sure that your Jeep is outfitted correctly for the event, including any repairs, mods, or touchups. If you’re planning on participating in the off-roading events, make sure to bring the appropriate equipment for those excursions, too!

    Off-Roading Experience


    If you’ve never done any off-roading before, or you might need to brush up on your skills, it’s best to practice on a local trail before you head out to a Jeep Week. You don’t want to get in an accident because of your lack of experience. You might check out your local Jeep club for tips and guidance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is Jeep Week 2022?

    There are lots of Jeep Weeks to choose from. See the dates above. One of our favorites, however, is Ocean City Jeep Week, which is held in Ocean City, Maryland, from August 25th-28th.

    When is Jeep Beach 2022?

    Jeep Beach 2022 was held at the Daytona International Speedway beginning Sunday, April 24, and continuing until Sunday, May 1, 2022, in Daytona Beach, Florida. If you missed this amazing event, start planning for 2023! 

    What is Jeep Beach Week?

    Jeep Beach Week is another name for Jeep Beach. As one of the country's premier Jeep brand events, this action-packed annual convention features a beautiful beach, family-friendly events, and, of course, a chance to see amazing Jeeps from all around the world.

    Where is Jeep Week in Florida?

    There are two annual Jeep brand events in Florida: The Florida Jeep Jam, which runs from May 10th to May 14th, 2022, in Panama City Beach, and Jeep Beach, which runs from April 24th to Sunday, May 1st, 2022, in Daytona Beach.

    How long has Jeep Beach existed?

    Jeep Beach was first organized in 2002 and has been gaining traction ever since. This annual event was skipped in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but made a strong comeback for Jeep Beach 2021 & 2022. Jeep Beach 2023 will be the 20th Anniversary - you won't want to miss it! 

    Is there an ATM available at the events?

    Most Jeep brand events are hosted in cities or popular resort towns, with actual trail rides set up in the surrounding countryside. Check with your specific location for more details on where to find the closest ATMs.

    Who can participate in Jeep Week events?

    Participants in Jeep brand events are typically limited to Jeep owners and sometimes immediate family. Depending on the particular convention, some of the events are open to the public, so be sure to check the website for more details.

    Where is the Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion?

    The Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion is held every year in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, towards the end of August. Featuring beautiful trails and amazing obstacle courses, this is one event you won't want to miss.

    Attending a Jeep Week?

    Jeep Weeks offer a unique opportunity to party with other people who share the same passion the Jeep brand. Plus, you’ll get to show off your awesome Jeep to people who will appreciate it. 

    Jeep Weeks are a great time: a party, a gathering, a chance to show off, and a celebration of Jeep culture. Plus, they’re usually held in beautiful places where you won’t mind vacationing for a few days. What’s not to like? There are plenty of Jeep events scheduled for Summer & Fall 2022 to choose from. And make sure one of the 52 weeks in 2023 is a Jeep Week. We’ll see you there!