Jeep Clubs: Top 3 Reasons To Join a Jeep Club

Being a Jeeper can be as simple as driving your beloved Jeep. But as you’ll come to find out, one of the best things about owning a Jeep is sharing your enthusiasm and adventures with other like-minded Jeepers in your community. A Jeep club is a great way to meet new people, master off-roading basics, and give back to local charities. Read more below to find out if joining a Jeep club is right for you.

Here Is Why You Should Join a Jeep Club

Joining a club gives Jeepers access to a wide range of off-roading adventures with other Jeep owners. It can be a way to make friends with other like-minded Jeep enthusiasts and explore the Jeep lifestyle you all love. It can also be a way to give back to your local community. But before choosing a Jeep club, look at the size, what they do, and how they support each other.

Opportunity To Master the Basics of Jeep Off-roading


Learning to take a Jeep off-road can be intimidating for owners who just dropped upwards of $30,000 on their new Wrangler. But you can make off-roading more accessible by having a group of experienced Jeep drivers give you advice and show you the ropes. Club members can help you learn the basics of driving on mud, through water, and over rocks so you don’t damage your vehicle. They can also advise you on how to customize your Jeep with the appropriate mods like lift kits and winches so you can get yourself out of tricky situations.

The trails are always better with a partner or a group. You’ll have company on your adventure, sure, but you also have another vehicle to help if you get stuck. Some trails are so remote that cell phones are useless. Off-roading with a group is usually the safest way to go. If you are traveling, you can always seek out a local Jeep club to find new friends in the four-wheel-drive community when you’re going off-roading away from home.

An Avenue To Make New Friends With Similar Jeep Interests

Jeep-Clubs-Top-3-Reasons-To-Join-a-Jeep-Club-Canoe-friendsWhen you join a local group, you can meet new people who also love their Jeeps, whether they drive Jeep Wranglers or another model. For example, our local club, the Chesapeake Jeep Club, has off-roading excursions, “meet and greet” events, wrenching parties where you work on repairs and mods, and fundraising events for local charities. Basically, it’s a good time.

Many clubs also have monthly newsletters, so you can stay involved with upcoming events and get the latest event details. You can also learn about individual members of your off-road club when the club shares profiles in its newsletter.

Your off-roading expeditions can be with a team, or you can arrange to go out with members one-on-one. Meeting new people can be difficult for adults, so clubs can be a great way to find people who you connect with. Some clubs are just for ex-military, while others are just for women. But most clubs are open to anyone (as long as you drive a Jeep).

When you get involved with a local group, you can also connect with other Jeep clubs all over the country. When you travel, you can seek out other Jeep clubs for instant community. In addition, you can meet new people during club shows when the general public stops by to check out the local Jeep scene.

When We Come Together, Great Things Happen

Jeep organizations also give back: they make a positive impact in their communities, especially regarding environmental issues. Club members often take charge of caring for their local trails, keeping them open so everyone can enjoy off-roading in the outdoors. They also take on neighborhood cleanup events along with their monthly trail rides and organized trail runs. They support local businesses, especially places where the club can get together, like local restaurants, car dealerships, and event centers.

Jeep-Clubs-Top-3-Reasons-To-Join-a-Jeep-Club-veteransThey also rally to support local causes, especially in support of veterans and club family members with special needs. When groups of people with similar interests come together, they create opportunities for community activities. Many Jeep groups take a local charity “under their wheels”. They host fundraiser charity events just for that organization, so the club becomes an important part of their local community.

What To Consider When Choosing a Jeep Club

Before choosing your Jeep group, you should do your homework to ensure that it’s a good fit for you and your Jeep. Research the size of the club and the average age of the members. It’s also helpful to look at the club’s philosophy and check out their philanthropy to make sure it fits with your beliefs.

Pay attention to the activities and whether any of them are required. You might have to pay Club Membership dues to cover the cost of events so the groups can have food and entertainment.

Size of the Club

Size matters. Some Jeep groups are small and intimate, so you get to know all of the members and form more closely knit friendships. On the other hand, smaller clubs usually aren’t as organized as larger clubs, so they might not have as many activities. Though the size can be intimidating, larger clubs with hundreds of Jeep drivers can be fun to join because the members take the club seriously and it’s easier to maintain the club’s energy. They usually have lots of fun activities and work hard to get everyone to participate.

Age of Club Members

People of all ages join Jeep groups. If the club has predominantly younger members, don’t expect them to have as many activities as clubs with older members (who might be retired with lots of free time). Younger clubs often take their Jeeps on harder and more treacherous trails, while the older clubs might go on road trips far from home to experience new trails. When you choose your club, join one with an age group that makes you feel comfortable or find a family-friendly club that welcomes everyone.

Regularity of Jeep Community Activities

You have to find your speed. Some clubs have a required level of participation for all members to stay active. Others don’t have any required events. Before you join, ask about the required events and the frequency of events. Some clubs are so large that they organize activities every weekend, while some might only have activities once per month. If you live in an area with four distinctive seasons, the local clubs might not be as active in the winter as they are in the warmer months.

Your required activities might include attending meetings as well as special activities. These clubs tend to have a camaraderie that clubs without mandatory events don’t have. While it might be overwhelming at first to join a busy club with required events, the people you’ll meet and the adventures you’ll have will make it all worthwhile.

How Long Has the Club Been in Existence?

When you’re researching clubs, check out how long each Jeep club has been around. New clubs can have great energy but well-established groups tend to have greater stability and better organization. New clubs take time to get going, especially if the board members aren’t organized. A long-running club has people who care and want to keep it going with festive Jeep activities and frequent trail explorations. You’ll appreciate working with people who love their Jeeps and love their club just as much as you do.

Social Reviews of the Club

Finally, take time to read the reviews about the prospective club. Social media sites like Facebook and Reddit often include reviews from current and past members. If the club is too cliquey, you might not be welcomed as a new member. However, if the club has been around for years and people never leave it, then you’ve found a gem. Check the Jeep community boards to find more information about local events and clubs.

Wrap Up

Joining a Jeep club helps Jeep owners find their tribe. It’s a great way to learn more about Jeep ownership and how to off-road safely. You can attend interesting meetings, adventurous off-road trips, feel-good charitable events, and more. While most club members drive Jeep Wranglers or Jeep Cherokees, drivers of other Jeep models are still welcome. You’ll meet people who adore their Jeeps, people who love taking their Jeeps off-roading, and you’ll enjoy being part of a larger community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Jeep's Catchphrase?

The latest catchphrase for the Jeep brand is “Go Anywhere, Do Anything.”

Why Do Jeep Drivers Wave?

Jeep drivers do the Jeep wave because we love our Jeeps and we love how they enable our adventurous lifestyle. We appreciate other drivers who share our awesome taste in off-road vehicles. We want to show our camaraderie and respect for others in the Jeep community, especially if they have a particularly sweet Jeep. Giving and getting respect is one of the many perks of Jeep ownership. That’s on top of getting to drive the ultimate vehicle.

While there is some debate as to when the wave started, the most likely theory is that it began in the 1960s and 70s, with the advent of off-roading culture as a way to salute another kindred spirit. It’s up to present-day Jeepers to keep the Jeep wave going.

What Does a Jeep Club Do?

Jeep groups are a great way for Jeep drivers to experience their Jeep lifestyle. During club meetings, owners get together and talk about their Jeeps, share knowledge about mechanics and mods, and discuss their favorite trails. Clubs help drivers learn how to go off-roading and club members often go on off-roading trips together. Some clubs promote environmentalism and work together to keep local trails open and accessible. Mostly, they just have fun.

Should I Join a Jeep Club?

If you want more opportunities to meet other Jeep drivers and go on off-roading trips, then you would enjoy being in a club. Joining a club can be a good opportunity to learn more about the art of off-roading, customizing your Jeep, and the Jeep lifestyle.

Is a Jeep Club Worth It?

We’d say so. Jeep groups are worthwhile, especially if you enjoy hanging out with other Jeep drivers. You might have to spend a little money to join a club or to hit the trails, but it will be worth every penny.