Where to Buy Jeep Accessories: All You Need to Know

We’ve all had Jeep envy. When a fully loaded mud-caked Wrangler cruises by, we can’t help but covet thy neighbor’s sweet mods. The good news is that you, too, can outfit your Jeep with awesome Jeep accessories that will upgrade your vehicle and your overall driving experience. Even Jeep Cherokee models can be outfitted for the trail and the show room. Whether you want strictly Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Jeep parts or one of the aftermarket versions, we’ll guide you through all the different Jeep accessories and tell you where to buy them. 

Jeep Performance Parts

With great power comes great responsibility. If you want to give your Jeep more torque, you’ve got a ton of options for Jeep parts, but you need to choose wisely. Many Jeepers start with cold air intake systems to increase the air flow into the engine. This modification could snag you a 1-3 MPG boost in fuel efficiency and 5-10 additional horsepower. You might also add a snorkel, which raises the Jeep’s air intake point for cooler and cleaner air and also helps when mudding through particularly wet terrain. The addition of a supercharger will condense the air fed into your engine for an even greater boost and responsive throttle. But all this air has to exit, too, so invest in an aftermarket exhaust system. This will help the exhaust escape your engine faster, optimizing airflow (and making your Jeep sound awesome. Vroom Vroom). Another mod that will help with power is installing a Jeep performance chip or programmer that will override your factory settings, extracting extra torque and horsepower from your engine (though make sure it remains EPA compliant). You might also invest in a steering stabilizer, which helps avoid unwanted side-to-side motion for a more stable ride. But the real power gains come when all these upgrades work together, so that when you press that pedal down: pure joy. PS: With all this power, don’t forget that you also have to stop. Score some new disc brake rotors to keep your power in check. 

Lifestyle Accessory Parts


One of the most fun aspects of the Jeep Brand is the adventurous Jeep lifestyle, and this inevitably includes some rugged off-roading. You love your Jeep for its built-in go-anywhere capability, whether it’s crawling over rocks or mudding through a bog, but you’ll need some added modifications to help you on the trail. The most important off-roading mod is the lift kit, which you need to accommodate bigger tires and to make sure your Jeep can clear those rocks. For a few hundred dollars, you can get a body lift kit to raise your Jeep 1 to 3 inches. Or you might spring for more involved suspension lift kits, which can lift your Jeep even higher. These will run you between $4,000 to $10,000. Whichever you choose, a lift kit is a must for any serious off-road adventure (see below for more info). After you’ve lifted your Jeep, you’re ready for a wheel size increase and a tire upgrade. You might get rugged alloy wheels and larger tires to fit your lift and help you crawl those rocks, or snag some mud tires to help your grip in the muck. Check out this handy Motortrend Jeep-specific guide to purchasing the tires that are right for you. 

Next you’ll want a winch: if you’re off-roading right, you’re bound to get stuck at least once. A good winch can pull you free and remove any large obstacles blocking your way. Whether you opt for hydraulic or electric, there are many great aftermarket companies, including WARN, Superwinch, and Smittybuilt, which get excellent customer ratings. Another good investment is an LED lightbar. Sometimes you get carried away when you’re blazing down the trail and forget that the sun actually goes down. An LED lightbar will illuminate your way home and can run you from $100 to $1,000 or above. Other lighting options include upgrading to halogen lights. 


While all of that gear will help you on the trail, there are also tons of fun mods for your adventures outside of your Jeep. For camping, who wants to sleep on the gross wet ground? Instead, snooze high and dry on top of your Jeep with a rooftop tent. Smittybuilt offers a cheaper Wrangler-compatible tent for $1,150, or you might splurge for Roofnest’s premium aluminum-paneled Condor Overland for $3,595. Then you’ll need a table for all your impromptu picnics: the Mopar tailgate table offers a convenient space-saving option that tucks into the back door of your JL Wrangler. For hauling your gear, consider a roof rack and storage box accessories. For riding the trail or the water, consider a rooftop bike carrier or a water sports craft carrier. Finally, after a fun but exhausting day, you’ll want to crack open a cold one with a body-mounted bottle opener, then sit back and relax. 

Jeep Custom Parts


The pleasure of owning a Jeep is that it’s one of the most customizable vehicles in the world. With thousands of possible modifications, no Jeep is the same. You can design it to fit your personality and lifestyle. But there are some mods that inject a greater level of personality. You might invest in a custom-made Jeep grille insert. Our favorite is the American flag grille insert to show off your love of liberty. There are also custom Jeep grilles to help you stand out from the crowd, like thisfurrowed-brow concept for an imposing off-road look. You might also make your SUV truly unique with a custom-made Jeep emblem or badge. We dig this beach-rated badge or this one for Jeep drivers who are also nurses (and pandemic heroes). But one of the best ways to customize your Jeep is the spare tire cover, which can imbue your Jeep with a dose of self-expression. You might opt for Mopar’s classic OEM-fitted Jeep emblem design or choose a more whimsical cover featuring flip flops or your favorite sports team. But for a truly customized experience, you can personally design your own image and text, and let your freak flag fly.

Jeep Interior Parts 

We love our Jeeps for their sleek look and off-road performance, but we also need to give the cabin some love. To keep your Jeep looking clean, one of the bests gifts you can give yourself is a protective seat cover kit. Neoprene seat covers offer a slick and durable design while Bestop makes attractive polyester covers with water-resistant fabric. Some covers even come integrated with pockets and pouches for extra storage space. Make sure to also upgrade your cargo and floor liners with easy-to-clean options. And to keep your mud-soaked canines in the back where they belong, a pet divider is a must. If you’re tired of your Uconnect system getting all grungy, you can install a protective screen. But your interior modifications don’t have to be all about cleanliness. You can also add personality and comfort: personalize your shift knob with unique designs like this one made from a river rock or upgrade your gas and brake pedals for a more comfortable feel. With all of these upgrades, your Jeep will start feeling like a second home—if it doesn’t already.

Jeep Exterior Parts


If you want to earn that Jeep wave, you have to build out your Jeep’s exterior. Start by upgrading your factory stock bumper. Aftermarket bumpers will do more than give your Jeep an aggressive and fresh look: they offer additional protection, greater clearance, and recovery capabilities. Check out this useful guide for a breakdown of best options for front and rear bumpers ranging from under $200 to $500 and up. And don’t forget the underside—invest in some skid plates, which are slabs of metal that protect the underside of your Jeep, keeping your drivetrain, shock mounts, gas tank, and other vital Jeep parts from damage. If you get larger tires, an upgrade on aftermarket fenders will be next on your to-do list. Whether you go with plastic or metal, fender flares will protect your engine bay/exterior from flying mud and debris in addition to looking cool. You can invest in body armor for your hood, cowl area, and rocker areas. Magnetic-plated body armor will easily latch onto your Jeep’s body to keep the paint scratch-free. For side protection, you’ll need some rock sliders or rock rails, which protect your Jeep’s lower body from damage. A pleasant side effect of all of these mods is that they, of course, make your Jeep look more badass.

But possibly the most important exterior feature is the top. There are tons of articles debating the benefits and drawbacks of a soft top versus a hard top, but the easiest answer is that you need both. A hard top provides security and durability while keeping the cold out, but it can be annoying to dismantle every time you want an open-air adventure. If you’re primarily a soft top driver, you know the joy and convenience of driving with your top down, but your soft top can start to look grungy after it’s exposed to the elements (click here for cleaning tips). Plus, after 3 to 5 years, you’ll probably need to replace it anyway. So whether you want a break from your hard top or want a fresher look, investing in a new soft top is usually a good idea. Bestop is the OEM manufacturer for Wrangler factory tops and can be purchased for a reasonable price, but aftermarket companies such as Smittybuilt, Rampage Products, Rugged Ridge, and Sierra Offroad also make quality soft tops. 

Where To Buy Jeep Accessories 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to physically see and touch something before you buy it, you have a vast selection of in-store options when searching for that Jeep or truck accessory. You might stop by your local Jeep dealer to check out Mopar’s OEM accessory selection or see what’s stocked at your local Advanced Autoparts store. 4 Wheel Parts also has 96 retail stores around the country to build your dream truck and Jeep. And, of course, Jeep accessory dealers will always be at the many Jeep events happening year-round. If you appreciate the value and convenience of ordering online, you might try the wide assortment of aftermarket inventories at www.quadratec.com, https://www.4wd.com/, and https://www.cjponyparts.com/. They will all have a wide selection of off-roading parts to outfit your Jeep or truck. You can also purchase OEM parts online. See www.mopar.com and www.mymoparparts.com for a complete selection. All of these sites should have exclusive offers for online customers. 

List of Helpful Jeep Accessories Buying Guides Online 


Final Thoughts 

Whether you buy OEM or aftermarket Jeep accessories, remember that your Jeep is as unique as you are. Create the Jeep that’s right for your personality and lifestyle. You don’t want to load your Jeep with mods you won’t use just to be a dreaded mall crawler. On the other hand, not having the right gear on the trail might leave you with a hefty repair bill or worse. So, whether you’re on a budget or want to break the bank, make sure to design the Jeep that’s right for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Jeep parts expensive? 

Like all costs, it’s relative, but Jeep parts are not too expensive. If you buy nothing but OEM parts for your mods, it can get pricy (though the quality is assured). But Jeep also has a huge variety of cheaper aftermarket options to get the parts you need. You just have to make sure you’re getting a part that is equal in quality to an OEM accessory. So do your research and keep a look out for exclusive offers and deals. 

Where can I buy Jeep parts online? 


How much does it cost to lift a Jeep? 

If you want to get into serious off-roading, you need to lift your Jeep to accommodate bigger tires and make sure you can clear those rocks. There are three kinds of lifts you might consider.
#1: Leveling Kit. This kit, your cheapest option, simply raises the front of the vehicle so it’s level with the back and ranges between $100 to $250.  
#2: Body Lift Kit. For dedicated off-roaders, you’ll need to lift your front and back to take on larger tires and get that ground clearance. Body lift kits can raise your Jeep between 1 to 3 inches and range from $150 on the cheaper end to $1,000 and above for a premium kit (not including tire upgrades or installation costs). It’s also a great option if you plan to use your Jeep as a daily driver because it won’t impact the factory ride of your Jeep.  
#3. Suspension Lift Kit. If you’re going all in on off-roading, a suspension lift kit should be your choice because of the added clearance under your frame. This option requires new shocks and springs and might require you to replace the suspension. Price depends on your Jeep model and how high you want to lift it. It could run anywhere between $4,000 for a basic suspension lift kit to upwards of $10,000 for a premium extreme lift. No matter which lift you choose, it will help you on the trail. 

How many miles can a Jeep Wrangler last? 

Jeep Wranglers are famous for being durable and tough. They can typically reach 100,000 miles without major problems. With love and care, however, a well-maintained Wrangler can last 20 years and over 400,000 miles. 

Do Jeeps hold their value?

Yes. According to the automotive research firm iSeeCars.com, the Jeep Wrangler is the best vehicle overall for retaining its value. While the average five-year-old vehicle retains 59.9% of its original value, the 2-door Jeep Wrangler depreciated an average of just 9.2%. Coming in second was the four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited at 10.5%. Jeeps hold their value because of their durability and quality as well as the enthusiastic Jeep community, which make the Wrangler one of the most popular vehicles on the market. On the other hand, the Grand Cherokee comes in at slightly above average for depreciation at 42.4 %. In sum, there will always be a resale market for both 2- and 4-door Jeeps if they’re in good condition. 

What is the best website to buy Jeep parts?

If you want OEM parts with guaranteed quality, it’s best to buy direct from Mopar. However, if you’re after less-expensive aftermarket accessories, online retailers such as 4WD and Quadratec have a huge selection and are a great choice for convenience, competitive prices, and impressive inventories.