Jeep Uconnect: Make the Most Out of Uconnect With These Important Details

Enjoying the Award-Winning Uconnect Infotainment System


Jeep and the Mopar brand of vehicles rely on the Uconnect system for essential activities such as streaming music, phone connectivity, navigation, and weather reports. This user-friendly infotainment interface is frequently named one of the best technology platforms in the automotive industry. Learning the intricacies of the system helps drivers get the most out of their Jeep’s cool tech features. 

What Is The Jeep Uconnect

Uconnect is the infotainment and technology platform built into the newest Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, and Ram vehicles. This platform allows drivers to connect their mobile devices for music streaming and hands-free calling. Uconnect has several other features, like navigation, a Wi-Fi hotspot, weather maps, and more. 

Drivers can access the Uconnect system through the dashboard touchscreen, voice commands, and steering wheel controls. The system only gets better as new Jeep models come out. With each passing year, Stellantis adds more apps, increases the size of the touchscreen, and includes more smartphone integration features. The new Uconnect system on the Jeep Wrangler even has an app called Off Road Pages, which can tell you the angle of the slope your Wrangler is currently on and the status of your transfer case. Some vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee can pair with Alexa inside your home so you can start your car with a mere voice command from your couch. How cool is that? 

How To Set Up Uconnect in Your Jeep

The newest Jeeps come standard with Uconnect. Setting it up is pretty intuitive, especially if you follow the instructions in your vehicle owner's manual. 

Connecting your phone involves turning on your phone’s Bluetooth, then pressing the Uconnect button on the vehicle. Once prompted, select “Phone Pairing” and look for the four-digit PIN. Confirm it when you see it on your connected device. After you have the Uconnect system set up and your phone paired with it, the next step is to choose the apps you want on your home screen. All you do is drag and drop them to the bottom edge of the Uconnect screen. You can switch them out at any time. 

How To Connect Your Phone To Jeep Uconnect


Jeep offers a Uconnect app for Android and Apple smartphones. The Uconnect app is in your phone’s app store. Download it and choose a username and password. Then, get into your Jeep and the Uconnect screen to link the app and your Jeep. You do this by selecting the Uconnect app icon in your Jeep and selecting “GO.”

Watch your Uconnect screen for the prompt asking for your email address. Enter it and press send. You’ll receive an activation link from SiriusXM. The link will let you create your user profile. Then return to the app, and log in with your email address and password. 

You can only connect your phone when your Jeep is parked. But you can press the Phone button to make hands-free calls on the road. 

What Are the Benefits of Uconnect

Uconnect offers several benefits that make driving your Jeep even more fun. After adding the app and connecting to your Jeep, you can use your portable device app for the remote start feature. The smartphone app also offers roadside assistance, vehicle health alerts, vehicle finder services, and stolen vehicle assistance. 

The Uconnect system lets you listen to your favorite music through music app services (like Spotify or Apple Music), SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and traditional radio stations. Uconnect also has vehicle navigation, off-road information, weather maps, and Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, you can access your Jeep’s air conditioning through the touchscreen. 

5 Ways To Get More Out of The Jeep Uconnect

Your Jeep infotainment system has several features that many drivers never use on their compatible vehicles.

  1. Travel Link: This Uconnect feature alerts drivers when there is a storm warning in the area and provides timely weather maps with radar imagery. This feature also shares information about local fuel rates, sports scores, and movie theater times so you can stay up-to-date. 
  2. SiriusXM Traffic Plus: With Traffic Plus, drivers know what roads to avoid due to road construction and traffic accidents. The feature also alerts you if you are speeding, helping you avoid costly tickets. 
  3. Send ‘N Go: With this feature, drivers can look for locations on their phones, then transfer the data to the Uconnect touchscreen. 
  4. Voice-Activated Features: Before you embark on your journey, take the time to set up the voice-activated features so your Jeep recognizes your voice. You can use voice activation to make calls, choose music on your playlist, and change the radio station without taking your eyes off the road. 
  5. Use the Phone App: When you use the phone app, you can remotely start your vehicle and lock and unlock the doors. You can also track service visits, oil life, and tire pressure. If you have the plug-in hybrid 4XE trim, you can set a charging schedule to save money on your electric bill. 

Wrap up

When it comes to vehicle infotainment systems, Uconnect is one of the best in the industry. Jeep models come with large touchscreens with easy-to-read apps and a useful voice-control system. The intuitive system includes helpful apps, easy Bluetooth connectivity, and high-tech features. Once you start using Uconnect, you’ll see why it has won a bunch of awards. It’s one of the many awesome reasons to own a Jeep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Connect My Jeep Uconnect? 

When you buy a new Jeep, it will already have Uconnect installed. You will not have to do anything to connect it. At your local Jeep dealership, your salesperson will introduce you to the features and help you get started with clear step-by-step instructions so you can enjoy the full collection of vehicle apps and features. 

Does Jeep Uconnect Cost Money?

Your vehicle's Uconnect system does not cost any additional money. However, if you want to add Wi-Fi, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and other subscription services, you will have to pay a monthly premium to use them. If you purchase a new Jeep, it will come with all features for a limited time so you can try them out for a few months. 

How Does Uconnect Work in Jeep?

Uconnect works through your vehicle touchscreen, voice control, and steering wheel controls. You can turn off the Uconnect system by pressing the volume button. You turn the system on the same way. It’s pretty easy and intuitive.

How Do I Know If My Jeep Has Uconnect?

Jeep began installing Uconnect in its vehicles  in 2011. The newest Jeep models have robust Uconnect features, but older models might not have touch screens or other noticeable Uconnect features. If your Jeep has a vehicle touchscreen in the center dash, your Jeep has Uconnect. If you have Bluetooth, the Uconnect system will talk to you when you make a hands-free call. 

Do New Jeeps Have Wi-Fi?

The newest Jeeps have Wi-Fi connectivity. To access it, owners have to pay a monthly fee. Passengers can use it while the vehicle is in motion to use their Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone features, but the system turns off when the vehicle turns off. 

How Do I Activate Free Uconnect?

Uconnect is already activated in your 2011 or newer Jeep. All you have to do is press the volume button to turn your Uconnect system on. If you want to connect your smartphone to your Uconnect, you’ll have to connect it through Bluetooth or via a USB cord. 

Can I Remote Start My Jeep With Uconnect?

If you have the Uconnect app on your phone, you can remote start your Jeep. Open the app and log in. Choose the “Remote” button at the bottom of the app. Then, press the “Start” button. You should hear your ignition fire and your engine running. Presto.

How Do I Get Wi-Fi in My Jeep?

If you buy a new Jeep, you will get free Wi-Fi for a few months. Once the free trial is over, however, you’ll have to purchase a subscription service. To activate it, open the Uconnect system in your Jeep. Press the Apps icon and the Wi-Fi Hotspot icon. Select the “Set Up” feature and enter your username and password. 

After you’ve entered the information in your Jeep, open your smartphone Uconnect to activate the powerful Wi-Fi hotspot. Follow the instructions to purchase your in-vehicle Wi-Fi option like the Advantage Package 2GB Wi-Fi Hotspot or the Unlimited Wi-Fi Hotspot Price Plans. 

Does Jeep Uconnect Have Navigation?

Jeep Uconnect has navigation as an option in most but not all Jeep models and trims. If your Jeep does not have built-in navigation, you can connect your smartphone and use your favorite maps app on your phone. 

Does Uconnect Have WI-FI?

Uconnect has Wi-Fi, but you can only use it if you purchase a package. Most cost between $10 and $50 per month. 

Can I Start My Jeep With My Phone?

Yes. Your Uconnect smartphone app has a remote start feature that lets you start your Jeep from the convenience of your phone. So if you’re sitting cozy inside during a frigid day, you can warm up your engine while you sip hot coffee on your couch. You can also lock and unlock your Jeep and activate the horn from the Uconnect phone app.

What Is the Jeep Technology Package?

Older model Jeeps had a technology group package as an optional feature. The newest Jeeps include more technology in high-level trims. For example, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon has more tech features than the Wrangler Sport or Willys trims