Jeep Tours: How to Dress for Long-Distance Jeep Off-Road Adventures

Dressing appropriately for a Jeep tour can help you maximize the adventure. Weather-appropriate layered clothing and comfortable closed-toe shoes are some of the essentials.

Celebrate Your Sense of Adventure with a Long-Distance Off-Road Jeep Tour


Jeep owners and enthusiasts are a special breed. Jeepers crave adventure and love going off the beaten path. And if we can embark on those adventures in our Jeeps, we’re living our best life. But sometimes we want a bit more bold than just tearing down the same old off-road trail.

If you want to make lifelong memories, look no further than a long-distance off-road Jeep tour. Jeep tours send you on a journey to breathtaking scenery and exclusive locales you can’t get to anyway else. You’ll spend time with your friends and family in the majestic outdoors, enjoying everything that nature has to offer. And it’s a fantastic way to experience a beautiful place away from the tourist traps that define so much commercial travel these days. 

Jeep tours are so worth it. And whether you attend private tours with expert guides, or an open-air Jeep tour of your own, you'll want to dress the part. Layered clothing, comfortable closed-toe shoes, and sunglasses or a ball cap are must-haves on any Jeep journey.

Why Dressing For A Jeep Off-Road Adventure Is Important

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and stunning views on your off-road Jeep adventures, you must dress appropriately. This is especially true on day trips, as the weather will vary throughout the day. You’re likely to experience abrupt weather changes, especially if you’re in a desert or mountain climate where it can be sweltering during the day but frigid at night. If your Jeep experiences a heater failure while on the trail, these temperature fluctuations can be excruciating.

Additionally, some of the most incredible views might require a hike. Wearing appropriate and comfortable footwear can ensure that you’re able to trudge through a rocky trail without detracting from your adventure. 

Comfort is also essential if your Jeep gets stuck or has a mechanical problem. If you get stalled out on the trail, you can pull on a jacket or sweatshirt when the temp drops, allowing you to be comfortable while waiting for assistance. 

Here Is What You Should Consider When Dressing For A Jeep Tour

When dressing for a Jeep charter tour, there are many things to consider. Here are a few critical considerations to keep in mind when planning your ideal adventure outfit.

Location of the Tour

Consider the location and climate of your tour. Jeep tours in the desert or mountains can have large temperature fluctuations throughout the day, while forest tours may have rain showers. While layered clothing is recommended for all tours, the specific climate you are traveling through should determine the number and style of layers you’ll be most comfortable in.

Keep in mind the possible elevation changes of the area you'll be taking your Jeep tour to help you dress appropriately. Higher elevations tend to be cooler and breezier. Make sure to pack a cozy sweatshirt for those cool nights around the fire or a Jeep-themed thermal shirt when the mountain air starts blowing. A windbreaker is an excellent shell  to keep out the wind and rain. If you have more questions about the location, consult your professional guide. 


The daily weather of these locations should also influence how you dress for your tour. Check the weather forecast for the area on the day of the tour to know if you should expect rain, sun, or even snow. 

On any Jeep tour, there is a chance that you might encounter extreme weather, which can be unpredictable and change quickly. A rainstorm could roll in at the drop of a hat. We’ve all been surprised by the sudden pelting of hail on our windshields. Sure, experienced guides will batten down the hatches, closing your Jeep windows and putting up your Jeep top. But you should also pack wisely and prepare for any weather phenomenon you might see during your adventure to keep yourself comfortable. 


Let the seasons be your guide to packing for your Jeep tour. If your tour is during the late Fall, you may experience snow in some locations. There’s nothing worse than being underdressed in frigid weather and having to warm your hands on the heaters. If you choose Spring for your off-road adventures, you could encounter rain showers and get soaked without waterproof gear. If you have seasonal allergies, taking a Jeep tour during a high-pollen season might warrant bringing your allergy medication along! 

Length of the Tour

Keep in mind the length of the tour and pack accordingly. Expert guides recommend that you bring snacks and water with you, especially on long tours. It's hard to truly take in the beauty of the passing scenery if your stomach is rumbling, especially your children’s! 

Packing snacks can help keep energy levels consistent during the long days. We love bags of mixed nuts, trail mix, or Chex mix to keep us fueled. If you have a preferred brand, style, or type of bottled water, you might bring your own. If you’re a fan of seltzer water, we enjoy the brand Spindrift.

For full-day trips or half-day private tours, make sure to bring any medication you take and set an alarm if you need to take it at a specific time. Taking doses late, or missing them altogether, can be detrimental to your health. If your Jeep tour covers the time you would typically take them, bring them with you. You might also pack extra doses in case you get stranded on the trail.

Jeep Tour: What To Wear


Dressing appropriately for your Jeep tour can help you maximize your adventure. Wear layered clothing to ensure that you're ready for any temperature changes. But what exactly do you need to bring?


Start with the bottom layer: this could be stylish short-sleeved shirts that rep the Jeep brand. You might pack a few long-sleeve shirts, too, for those cold nights or when the sun sneaks behind the clouds. Next, keep warm by adding a sweater, sweatshirt, or flannel for a layer of much-needed insulation. And top it all off with a weather-appropriate jacket or windbreaker for an outer layer shell to keep the wind and rain out. 

For your feet, wear close-toed shoes that you can walk in. These can be athletic sneakers, running shoes, or your favorite pair of hiking boots. Wearing appropriate footwear can help protect your feet and ankles from injury. They can also prevent you from slipping, tripping, or falling on the trail. 

Some private tours with professional tour guides have portions of walking or hiking, and these often end in sweeping views that are perfect for photo opportunities. When you wear comfortable walking shoes, you’ll be ready to go that extra mile for a sweet picture of that sunset or waterfall or stunning vista.  Make sure you’re ready for the picture that is truly worth a thousand words.

Jeep Tour: What Else To Bring

Now that you have your outfit set for your Jeep tour, what else should you bring? Yes, you’ll need your sense of adventure but what else? Here are a few other things you'll want to bring along for the ride.

Make sure to pack any medication you'll need throughout the Jeep tour, including allergy medications and any daily pills you take at specific times. Your health and safety are paramount and you don’t want to have an emergency when help might be far away. 

You’ll also want to bring a camera to capture the spectacular views and stunning terrain you'll be sure to encounter. Maybe your phone has an adequate camera but it can’t hurt to invest in a stand-alone camera to capture memories that will last a lifetime.


Think, too, about the time and location of your Jeep tour and pack those crucial seasonal items. Sunscreen and sunglasses or a hat with a brim will help protect your skin and eyes on sunny private tours. JEDCo offers a great selection of Jeep hats, from sharp and stylish trucker hats to cozy beanies and fun sun hats. A knit hat and gloves will help keep out the cold on chilly parts of your Jeep tour, while a raincoat or poncho can prevent you from getting soaked if you encounter rain.

If you wear contacts, consider switching out for glasses. Almost nothing is as annoying as your contact lenses causing you problems when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself. The uneven off-road trails can make it difficult to remove your contact lenses mid-tour. On some Jeep tours, you may kick up dust or mud that can irritate your contact lenses. You may also find that the wind can cause contacts to become dry and sticky. Going low tech with traditional glasses or prescription sunglasses can save you lots of hassle.

As we said before, bringing snacks and water on your Jeep tour can help keep you energized and hydrated for your adventure, especially if your tour includes a strenuous hike. It's generally recommended to bring 2-3 liters of water per person on half-day trips to stay hydrated, while snacks like trail mix or granola bars are easy to eat in the Jeep or while hiking. 

The Most Essential Gear For An Adventurous Jeep Tour

There's a lot of gear you might want to bring on your Jeep tour, but what are the essentials? Here's the gear you should definitely bring along for the ride:

  1. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes
  2. Layered clothing
  3. Backpack to hold snacks and water
  4. Sunglasses and hats
  5. Raincoat or windbreaker in case the weather turns
  6. A camera to capture the views and memories

If you bring these essentials along, you'll be sure to maximize your fun on your off-road Jeep tour. You’ll be free to focus on making memories, enjoying stunning views, and indulging your sense of adventure on your scenic journey. 

Onward to Adventure

Jeep owners and enthusiasts are uniquely adventurous people, so what better way to celebrate your sense of adventure than with a private jeep charter? 

Look into popular destinations for different Jeep charter tours, like the Tijuca Rain Forest Jeep Tour in Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca National Park. If you're in the States, you can check out the Sonoran Desert Jeep Tours in Arizona or the Santa Fe Jeep Tours in New Mexico. You might also look into Jeep Jamboree locations like the Badlands or the Rubicon Trail.

These long-distance off-road Jeep tours will help you enjoy stunning scenery, breathtaking views, and the adventurous and friendly spirit of Jeepers who share the same passion as you do. Dressing appropriately, wearing comfortable shoes, and bringing the essentials will help you maximize your adventure. So pack smart and get ready for one heck of a ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for commonly asked questions when preparing for a Jeep tour.

What Do I Need For A Jeep Tour?

The things you need for a Jeep tour are comfortable closed-toe shoes, layered clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks and drinks, gloves, any necessary medications, and, of course, your sense of adventure.

What Is The Best Jeep Tour In Sedona?

The best Jeep tour in Sedona is the Outlaw Trail Jeep Tour offered by Arizona Safari Jeep Tours. The three-hour high desert tour is dog-friendly and features experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly guides. 

It takes you through the town of Sedona and into the Coconino National Forest, where you’ll see the rolling hills of Sedona’s ranch country and red rock arroyos. 

Runners up include the Earth Wisdom Jeep tours, where you’ll learn about Sedona’s wildlife, myths, and meditation. Pink Adventure Tours also takes you on a true nature experience for awe-inspiring red rock terrain. All have different options for departure times.

Why Do Jeepers Wave On Jeep Tours?


The Jeep wave is a quick acknowledgment between Jeep drivers passing each other on the road. A Jeep Wave can be as simple as extending two or four fingers from the steering wheel and giving a nod. But you might also wave with your whole hand, especially if you’ve got your top down and doors off and want to raise your hand above the windshield or outside the body of the vehicle. Whatever your style, your fellow Jeep owners will appreciate the greeting. Hopefully, your wave will be returned.

The wave probably started in the 1960s and 70s, with the advent of off-roading culture as a way to salute another kindred spirit. In the early years, the Jeep wave was mainly the domain of CJ/YJ/TJ owners but has since expanded to any Jeep model, from off-roaders to daily drivers. Now that Jeeps have exploded in popularity, the Jeep wave is the preeminent automobile greeting, with fashionable gear to match.

Is Ducking A Real Thing With Jeep Owners?

Ducking is real. It’s a game Jeep owners play where they anonymously leave a rubber duckie on another Jeep, often accompanied by a note. The only objective of ducking is to spread some kindness and make strangers smile. Click here to find out more about how Jeep Ducking got started.

Are There Any Jeep Events In 2023?

There are quite a few Jeep events in 2023. We wrote about all the key Jeep 2022 Jeep festivals here. 2023 should have similar dates as most of the events are recurring. A big one to look out for is the Toledo Jeep Fest, which celebrates the history and community of Jeeps in their birthplace. That’s slated for August 4th.

Another huge event is the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, in April. Hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers (RR4W), the Easter Jeep Safari features some of Utah’s most stunning landscapes, situated close to the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands National Park.

Then you have various Jeep Weeks throughout the country, including Daytona Beach’s Jeep Beach in April and Panama City’s Florida Jeep Jam in May.

The Jeep Jamboree USA takes place across over 20 states and hosts over 30 excursions. There are also the 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals, held in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, and Indianapolis, Illinois, in July and September, respectively.

What Do You Wear On A Desert Jeep Tour?

On an unforgettable journey through the desert, you should wear layered clothing and closed-toe shoes. 

Desert areas often experience a wide range of temperatures, ranging from cool in the morning and evening when the sun is rising or setting to blisteringly hot at midday when the sun is at its peak. 

Dressing in layers allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature on half-day or full-day desert private tours. Closed-toe shoes are necessary for walking comfortably and safely on rocky and dusty terrain. Have fun, Jeepers!