5 Most Beautiful Female Celebrities and Their Jeep Rides

Who Is Your Favorite Female Celebrity Jeeper?

We’ve got a lot of options because many famous people also have famous Jeeps. You might be shocked by how many wealthy celebrities prefer their Jeep rides and are thus members of the Jeep club. Women play a huge role in Jeep culture and female celebrities are no different. They love their Jeeps.

And why not? If you are a celebrity with money to burn, you can indulge in Jeep-owner perks such as panoramic views, private Jeep tours, and VIP experiences. With the right Jeep, celebrities can have a memorable experience on the open road and in nature. Who is your favorite female celebrity Jeeper? And more importantly, who has the most beautiful Jeep? Keep reading for our list, fun facts, and inspiration for new Jeep ride ideas. 

Kim Kardashian – Jeep Wrangler

Blog-Jeep-5-female-Celebrities-kim-kardashian-black-wrangler-jeepImage Source: Cartoq

Kim Kardashian is officially divorced from her ex-husband Kanye West. Do you know what helps heal heartbreak? A beautiful Jeep Wrangler. She has a vast car collection worth a reported $3.8 million but we all know which vehicle is her favorite. Her Wrangler is painted in a sleek, stylish shade of black. Can you imagine Kim going for a scenic drive with the top down, looking over spectacular views around LA and her other luxury properties, taking the paparazzi on a Jeep tour? We can.

Fun Kardashian Fact

Khloe Kardashian got a Jeep Wrangler Sahara from French Montana as a birthday gift! Khloe enjoys driving around Palm Springs, California, and taking private Jeep tours.

Beyonce – Jeep Wrangler

Beyonce is another beautiful woman who is “Crazy in Love” with Jeep. She’s a proud owner of a shiny, metallic Jeep Wrangler. However, she was most recently photographed for her new 'Icy Park' collection looking stunning next to a new fur-lined Wrangler. Did she add another Wrangler to the fleet? It will probably still be great at off-roading, though it would be a pain to clean. She uses her Jeep mostly to traverse snowy terrain but has also been spotted cruising through Palm Springs. If you choose one of the small Jeep private tours, who knows? You might run into Beyonce and Jay-Z. Give them the Jeep wave.

Britney Spears – Jeep Wrangler

Britney Spears may have relationships that are “toxic” but with her favorite Jeep, it’s true love. Britney drives an orange, sun-burnt-colored Wrangler around her homes in LA and Las Vegas. 

She has even recently found love with her new husband, Sam Asghari, who is another Jeep fanatic. He’s been known to coordinate his outfit to match his green Rubicon. When they got engaged, he joked that he would get a prenup to “protect his Jeep.” We’re pretty sure Britney can afford a few Jeep Rubicons….

Fun Fact

Britney’s husband, Sam Asghari, recently got into a fender bender in his custom Jeep Rubicon near Spears’ home. Britney and Sam were seen taking a ride in the Rubicon the very next day. Like Britney, Jeeps are made of some tough stuff.

Kylie Jenner – Jeep Wrangler

You’re probably not surprised to find out Kylie Jenner is also part of the Jeep crew. The youngest Kardashian sister has a gorgeous white Wrangler decked out with rally lights and awesome custom wheels. Kylie reportedly has a car collection worth over $5 million so she’s got a wealth of luxury vehicles to choose from. But she most likely uses her Wrangler to travel the trails and take in the incredible views of the Hollywood Hills.

Kylie is a sporty superstar with a sense of adventure. She is known to hang around Kris Jenner’s $12 million Palm Springs home. Might you find Kylie cruising around Palm Desert, California, on her way to Coachella? Maybe. If not, you can consider many private tours for VIP experiences and to guide you through incredible desert adventures. 

Amber Rose – Pink Jeep Wrangler

Blog-Jeep-5-female-Celebrities-Amber-Rose-pink-jeep-wranglerImage Source: Dailyfeed

Like Kim and Kylie, Amber Rose is famous for…well…being Amber Rose. Is she famous for being a dancer? Model? Singer? Entrepreneur? Yes. But she should also be famous for once owning this awesome hot pink Jeep. Imagine giving a Jeep Wave to Amber Rose in this stunning pink Jeep Wrangler with those matching pink accents and black wheels. She even added a new chrome pink wrap in 2016. Maybe it was too much. Amber Rose had her Jeep wrapped in Army Green in 2017, possibly in an attempt to garner less attention. But we remember, Amber. We remember.


Beautiful people enjoy beautiful Jeeps. It can be that simple. Able to afford any vehicle on the lot, these gorgeous female celebrities choose to cruise around in a Jeep. If there is a lesson here we all can learn from, it’s that Jeeps are infinitely customizable to suit your style and needs, no matter who you are. Even pampered beautiful stars have the need for excitement and adventure that a Wrangler provides, on- and off-road. And those Wranglers are also useful for driving down a muddy trail to escape paparazzi. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best Jeep trails?

People can discover Jeep trails via Jeep enthusiast social media groups, Jeep magazines, and internet searches. You might also check for custom tours and professional guides, who can help you find scenic beauty and spectacular views.

Jeep tours

Anyone can have a VIP experience with the help of a professional tour guide. A guide can lead you on your next destination experience, regardless of your experience level. 

Here is a list of places to look for Jeep tours and other related recreation opportunities:

  • Sedona tours – Experience the awe-inspiring red rock terrain on Sedona tours. This is a true nature experience. 

  • Palm Desert – Palm Desert is the perfect spot if you’ve been craving Jeep desert adventures.

  • Joshua Tree National Park – Look into the Red Jeep Tours at Joshua Tree National Park, which is only about an hour outside of Palm Springs. 

  • Rocky Mountain National Park – This park is another great place for a Jeep adventure.  Experience educational adventures here with Green Jeep tours. They also go to nearby Estes Park. Be on the lookout for an exclusive tour price. You never know where a bargain might be.

  • Chimney Rock – The first Chimney Rock Jeep trail was blazed in 1963 and it continues to be a great and rugged ride.

  • Coconino National Forest – Look into private tours in Coconino National Forest and enjoy an opportunity to experience beautiful red rocks and deep canyons.

  • Mogollon Rim – A ride here, on the border of Colorado and Arizona, will be a ride of a lifetime.

  • Glance Canyons – Great if you’re looking for high-walled and narrow slot canyons with spectacular views.

  • Bear Wallow Canyon – Check out Red Jeep Tours for more of the Sedona Region’s natural beauty, which also goes to Boynton Canyon.

  • Earth Wisdom Jeep tours – There’s a lot to learn about Sedona’s wildlife, myths, meditation, and more on Earth Wisdom Jeep tours.

  • Conservancy Eco-tours – Learn how to take care of our environment on Conservancy Eco-tours on Catalina Island.

How do I prepare my Jeep for off-roading?

If your Jeep is trail-rated, it might be born ready. However, there are ways to protect your baby even more. You can always equip your Jeep with the latest mods and off-roading gear like lift kits, winches, light bars, skid plates, and rock rails. Click here for more guidance on mods and where to buy accessories. You might also check with your local Jeep Club for their tips and know-how. You’ll be sure to make some new friends too. In addition, consider subscribing to a Jeep or off-roading magazine with a cancellation policy for more advice on outdoor recreation and awesome trails to ride.

Can you go mudding in a Jeep?

Of course! Jeeps are famous for mucking it up in the mud. Wranglers are usually the mudding vehicle of choice, though Cherokees have also been known to get dirty. If you go on one of the Jeep tours, the guides will inform you if you’ll be mudding in your Jeep adventures. Mudding provides a true natural experience unlike any other. Plus, after getting dirty, expert guides can show you amazing hiking options.

Which male celebrities have a Jeep?

There are a lot. Tim McGraw, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Harrison Ford, and Floyd Mayweather are a few of the many male celebrities who drive Jeeps.

Do Jeep owners have a secret wave?

Yes. The Jeep wave is a friendly greeting between Jeep owners as they drive past each other.The Jeep wave is simply a way to show respect from one fellow Jeeper to another.

What is ducking a Jeep?

Jeep Ducking is a way to spread a smile by placing a rubber ducky on a Jeep. When you spot a Jeep in a parking lot, put a small duck on the Jeep (along with a little note). It’s a great way to show appreciation and camaraderie between Jeep drivers. It’s a way to say, “Hey, nice Jeep.”

Want to step up your ducking game? Check out the It's A Thing and Duck Duck Jeep t-shirts. 

What are Jeep Easter Eggs?

Since the late 1990s, every Jeep comes with a fun design flourish hidden somewhere on the vehicle. These little visual gifts are known as "Easter Eggs," a reference to their sometimes elusive location and the fact that they are small treats intended to pay homage to Jeep's illustrious history. Though a bit more enigmatic, these hidden objects, animals, and logos are nearly as recognizable amongst owners as the Jeep logo itself. Have fun looking for Easter Eggs on your Jeep.