Are You A Jeep Lover? Here Are 10 Things Jeep Lovers Enjoy Doing


Owning a Jeep evokes a sense of off-roading adventure. Whether you have a Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Grand Cherokee, going on a beautiful road trip is probably your idea of a good time. However, what if you want to do more with your Jeep?

The good news is that your Jeep is as versatile as you want it to be. From camping adventures to exploring rugged trails, it's all about testing your Jeep's off-road ability and having fun with it. There is more to enjoying your Jeep than driving on rocky terrain or cruising with the top down.

If you are a Jeep lover but are having trouble figuring out other activities to do, don't fret! Below we will cover the top 10 most exciting adventures to rev up your engine.

10 Bucket List Activities For A Jeep Lovers Squad

Have you ever had something spontaneous you wanted to do with your Jeep but felt like it was too insane? Don’t worry. When you own a Jeep, adventure is part of the official Jeep experience. Here, we will go over our top 10 bucket list activities to do for Jeep lovers.

Join A Jeep Club

If you have ever seen a Jeep show in a parking lot, it was probably part of a club-based event. Jeep clubs exist both online and in person, and they include discussions about Jeep modding, events, hot spots for travel, and more. Joining a club gives Jeepers access to a wide range of off-roading adventures with other Jeep owners. It can be a way to make friends with other like-minded Jeep enthusiasts and explore the Jeep lifestyle you all love. It can also be a way to give back to your local community.

Most Jeep clubs usually have a blog or website where you can contact club administrators for more information and how to join. Joining a family-oriented Jeep club can be the perfect gift for the entire family.

Once you join the Jeep club, you will be able to talk with other Jeep owners, attend weekend events, join club meetings, and discuss Jeep-related topics online or during meet-ups. The best part about Jeep clubs is that they always have new member meetings, so you can get a feel for whether this is the right club for you.

Learning to take a Jeep off-road can be intimidating for owners who just dropped upwards of $30,000 on their new Wrangler. But you can make off-roading more accessible by having a group of experienced Jeep drivers give you advice and show you the ropes. Club members can help you learn the basics of driving on mud, through water, and over rocks so you don’t damage your vehicle. They can also advise you on how to customize your Jeep with the appropriate mods like lift kits and winches so you can get yourself out of tricky situations.

The trails are always better with a partner or a group. You’ll have company on your adventure, sure, but you also have another vehicle to help if you get stuck. Some trails are so remote that cell phones are useless. Off-roading with a group is usually the safest way to go. If you’re going off-roading away from home, you can always seek out a local Jeep club to find new friends in the four-wheel-drive community.

Chase Sunsets And Sunrises


One of the most picturesque activities to do with your Jeep is chasing sunsets and sunrises at the beach. This doesn't just have to be something you enjoy: invite friends and family for a Jeep weekend or an all-day beach party. Of course, this requires you to seek out beach hotspots with top-tier sunsets and sunrises.

Try to see if there are local hot spots by looking online. You can locate the best places to catch the sunrise or sunset for popular events. Of course, there are specific ways to pinpoint where they would be. Although you might have to stay up late or get up early, the stunning views are definitely worth the crazy hours.

Having a spot to watch the sunrise or sunset can be an entertaining event to share with friends and family. While traveling to coveted spots, you can test the terrain endurance of your Jeep. Then, all you need to have a wonderful time are some tunes and comfy blankets to snuggle in while taking in the beautiful view.

Participate In Jeep Jamboree

In addition to the occasional car show or convention, another group activity you can attend is a Jeep Jamboree. The best part is that it runs throughout the year. According to the Jeep Jamboree website, the Jamboreeconsists of off-road adventure weekends with down-to-earth, Jeep-4x4-loving people. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy an adventure with other like-minded Jeepers.

They typically host over 30 excursions in 24 states, bringing Jeep enthusiasts together for outdoor adventures in the Badlands, Ozarks, Oregon dunes, Death Valley, the Catskills, and Texas Hill Country, among other stunning locations. One of the most notable trips features the 22-mile Rubicon trail, an old Native American footpath that was used by gold rushers to traverse the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This trail was the site of 4x4 pioneer Mark A. Smith’s first off-road jamboree in 1953. The Jeep Rubicon is a tribute to this iconic trail. Each Jamboree is hosted by experienced guides and caters to various off-roading skill levels. Any Jeep with a 4-LO transfer case can participate. So bring your Jeep and get ready to make new friends. Check out this handy event map to stay posted on upcoming 2022 and 2023 dates near you.

Drive Cross Country

Another way you can enjoy the great outdoors in your Jeep is to drive cross country. If you love the idea of a grand road trip, why not have a nine-day vacation in your Jeep? Driving cross country is a perfect way to take in the sights of America while saving cash from foregoing more expensive modes of travel like trains or planes.

Unlike attending a Jeep Jamboree, you can plan your own route and take in the scenery on your own timeline as you drive to new destinations and travel to scenic locations. The only downside is that it does require extensive planning to figure out where you’re going to travel.

During cross-country driving, your Jeep will be your key mode of transportation, so you should acquire the necessary items to ensure a smooth ride. First, you need to make sure your Jeep can endure long-distance travel. Pack spare tires and tools so that you are ready for anything in the case of an emergency. You can also bring a cooler for your own food and drink rather than spending hard-earned cash on fast food. But once you’ve planned out your off-road or on-road vacation, you can focus on cruising in your Jeep. 

Visit The Toledo Jeep Museum

What better way to channel your love for Jeep than visiting a museum all about your favorite brand? While still in the planning phase, chances are that sometime soon, a Toledo nonprofit organization will be opening a 56,000-square-foot museum called “The Jeep Experience.” This museum will be a tribute space to the brand we all love, telling its storied history in a dynamic way. The museum is sure to have rare historical Jeep models as well as many coveted concept Jeeps. City leaders are also planning a Jeep-themed bar and grill called “The Mess Hall,” as well as an elaborate off-road course around the museum buildings. A recent Toledo Blade article says there is a renewed push to get this museum built. But if you can’t wait to get your Jeep heritage fix, you can always attend Toledo Jeep Fest, which is next happening on August 4th, 2023.

Take It To The Beach


Taking your Jeep to the beach is one of the most popular options for potential Jeep activities. Aside from dune buggies, Jeeps are synonymous with going to the beach because of their ability to drive on sandy surfaces and to have top-down fun. Since your Jeep has off-roading features and can navigate any terrain, beach cruising is not a challenge, and neither are other beach activities.

Traveling to the beach by Jeep is the best way to travel. You can have the top down and just relax on your way to a beach party. However, it is crucial to know how to maneuver your Jeep on sandy surfaces so you don't risk your vehicle getting stuck. And make sure you’re dressed in some quality Jeep beach gear.

Go On A Jeep Camping Adventure


Nothing is more satisfying than taking your Jeep out for a rugged camping trip. This is one of the many activities that Jeep lovers enjoy as they drive through the rough terrain of the forest trails. Jeeps are designed to endure harsh environments and have ample storage for your camping gear.

Not only is your Jeep Wrangler an ideal camping SUV, but there are ways you can customize it to make your camping setup less stressful. You can install Jeep accessories like a camper trailer, rooftop tents, or awnings to help you stay comfortable and dry. That way, you can have all you’ll need to stay comfy within the confines of your Jeep Wrangler.

Enjoy Jeep Ducking With Your Squad


What is Jeep ducking exactly? It’s a practice amongst Jeep owners of putting a rubber ducky on someone else's Jeep, as a way of saying hello. It started in 2020 in Ontario, Canada. Once you spot another Jeep driver on the road, you put a duck on their door handle. This wacky game promotes kindness and is a sign of mutual respect from one Jeep driver to another.

You can also add your personal touch by including other little gifts with your duck, like notes, stickers, or a scrumptious treat. This is a great way to share your love for your Jeep Wrangler with other Jeep owners. Want to step up your ducking game? Check out the It's A Thing and Duck Duck Jeep t-shirts. 

Take A Trip To Moab

Traveling to Moab, Utah, is one of the best places for Jeep lovers, a sort of Jeep off-roading Mecca. With its rich history of being the primary spot for Jeep tests, Moab is ideal for off-roading and potentially meeting other Jeep owners.

Do you want to roll over slickrock and caravan through Utah’s most gorgeous gullies and red rock trails in your own Jeep? If so, the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, is for you. It features some of Utah’s most stunning landscapes, situated close to the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands National Park. Held since 1967, this nine-day event begins on a Saturday, one week before Easter (as the name suggests). In addition to 40 beautiful trails with difficulty ranging from 2-9, the Easter Jeep Safari is also where the Jeep brand unveils their newest concept vehicles, giving attendees an exclusive peek at Jeep’s future lineup. And it features a robust product exposition of after-market vendors. There will be plenty to do, in between swapping stories and breaking bread with other Jeep lovers.  If you don't want to attend the events, you can always bask in the scenery. Moab offers plenty of Jeep trails so that you can put your Jeep's endurance to the test.

Go Off-Roading


Whether you’re mudding or rolling over slickrock, off-roading is the #1 way to have fun in your Jeep. However, if you are a new Jeep owner, we recommend you learn how to maneuver your Jeep off-road before taking it out. Joining a Jeep club is a good way to learn the ropes. Once you figure out how, you can drive to off-road hotspots like Moab, Utah, and Sedona Village, Arizona.

Overall Thoughts

So how can you get more out of your Jeep? Fortunately, there are a wealth of activities to do with your four-wheeler. You can participate in a Jeep Jamboree and travel to some of the best off-roading terrain in the USA. Or you can take your family and friends out for a cross-country excursion or enjoy the sand and surf on a beach trip. And then there’s always getting out in the great outdoors with a Jeep-centric camping adventure. 

If you want some time to yourself, you can just cruise, chasing sunsets and enjoying some much-needed downtime. Or you can meet up with like-minded Jeepers and get tips for off-roading adventures by joining a Jeep club. Whatever you choose, if you trust in your Jeep, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions for jeep lovers.

What kind of person drives a Jeep?

The kind of people who drive Jeeps usually love the great outdoors and have a sense of adventure. They care about their communities and appreciate fine craftsmanship. They love to drive through rough terrain and go off-roading.

Why do Jeep owners wave?

The Jeep wave is a friendly greeting between Jeep owners as they drive past each other. The Jeep wave is simply a way to show respect from one fellow Jeeper to another.

Why are Jeeps so popular?

What’s not to like? Jeeps are sleek and beautiful while maintaining that rugged and functional allure the Jeep brand is famous for. Plus, they are durable: even when off-roading, Jeeps maintain good tire condition. They appear wide-bodied and boxy, flashing a formidable look for the trails, streets, and highways. In a Jeep, you can truly “Go anywhere. Do Anything.”

Jeeps combine beauty and brawn. They have a stylish exterior with an array of body colors to choose from. The Wrangler especially offers top-down, ready-for-adventure fun. Most models also provide an impressive off-roading experience with independent suspension and four-wheel drive, giving you confidence and peace of mind the next time you find yourself in harsh weather conditions or on rough terrain. Plus, when you drive a Jeep, you are part of the awesome Jeep community. You can start waving or Jeep ducking or going to Jeep parties. But those are extras. Jeeps are popular, most of all because they are high-quality vehicles made for your fun-loving, adventurous lifestyle.

What are the 7 slots on a Jeep for?

Every Jeep model has seven slots in its grille. When Willys decided to add a vertical-slot grille to the Jeep, they couldn’t use the 9-slot design that Ford used because it was trademarked. So Willys cut down the slots to seven. It weighed less and was more affordable to produce than the original grille. And that’s how we got the seven-slot grille—it’s been an iconic symbol of Jeep ever since.

What is the Jeep motto?

Jeep’s current motto is this: “Legends aren’t born, they’re made.”

First launched in 2019, this Jeep slogan comes out of a 360-degree marketing campaign, which was designed to promote the brand as the greatest SUV manufacturer in an increasingly crowded market. As Olivier Francois, FCA’s Chief Marketing Officer said at the time, “It is a reminder that the Jeep brand, through its legendary DNA, continues to fulfill its promise of capability, durability, and craftsmanship.” Go here for more Jeep slogans.